50 Songs for Your Hanukkah Music Playlist

Spin the dreidel to these Hanukkah themed hits.

Lauren Miolene


If you thought there was barely any Hanukkah music, you’re mistaken! We put together a playlist for your upcoming Hanukkah celebration so you don’t have to. Thanks to us, you can check the Hanukkah music playlist off the to-do list—check out the Spotify playlist (and YouTube links!) below.

If you would rather have live music for the evening, you can always book a string quartet, klezmer band, violinist, or accordion player to play your favorite Hanukkah music.


      Here are 50 songs for your Hanukkah music playlist.

      Pass the Candle (From Left to Right) - Michelle Citrin

      Dreidel, Dreidel - Meshugga Beach Party

      Light One Candle - Peter, Paul, and Mary

      The Chanukah Song - Adam Sandler

      Miracle - Matisyahu

      Latke Clan - The LeeVees

      Happy Joyous Hanuka - The Klezmatics  

      Honeyky Hanuka - The Klezmatics

      Hanuka Gelt - The Klezmatics

      Spin Dreydl Spin - The Klezmatics

      Feliz Chanukah - Six13

      Lights Up - Harry Styles

      Oy, Chanukkah - Alberto Mizrahi & Trio Globo

      Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah - Glee Cast

      Oh Hanukkah - Maccabeats

      Dreidel - Erran Baron Cohen

      I Won’t Be Home for Chanukah - TeamMate

      Latkes - Meshugga Beach Party

      Chanukah (Shake It Off) - Six13

      Lights - Ellie Goulding

      Candles on the Sill - The Maccabeats

      Everlasting Light - The Black Keys

      8 Days of Hanukkah - Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

      I Want a Hippopotamus for Hanukkah - The Jimmies

      20 Things You Can Do With Matzah - Michelle Citrin

      A Star Wars Chanukah - Six13

      Hanukkah Blessings - Barenaked Ladies

      Candlelight - The Maccabeats 

      Light Up the Night - Jacob Spike Kraus

      This Little Light of Mine - Julie Silver

      Chanukah is Here - Jacob Spike Kraus

      Eight Candles (A Song For Hanukkah) - Dave Koz

      Happy Hanukkah - Walk Off the Earth, Scott Helman

      All About That Neis - The Maccabeats

      Spin It Up - Erran Baron Cohen

      Burn - The Maccabeats

      Applesauce vs. Sour Cream - The LeeVees

      Latke Recipe - The Maccabeats

      Watch Me (Spin / Drey Drey) - Six13

      Ocho Kandelikas - Idina Menzel

      I Light It - Six13

      Shine -  The Maccabeats

      I See the Light - Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi

      How Do You Spell Channukkahh - The LeeVees

      Jewish Stars - The LeeVees

      Applesauce vs. Sour Cream - The LeeVees

      Latke Clan - The LeeVees

      Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah - Erran Baron Cohen

      Dreidel - Don McLean

      Lights in the Window - Jacob Spike Kraus

      Check out our full playlist for your Hanukkah celebration on Spotify.

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      • Make sure you have discussed what supplies the vendor will need for their performance. You'll want to know what they can provide, and what you'll need to have on hand at your event.
      • Communicate your expectations and special requests to any prospective musicians, and make sure to ask about their repertoire — especially if you have a particular Hanukkah song that you would like them to perform.
      • If you're planning an outdoor event, be sure to discuss where the vendor will be situated for the best acoustics and conditions for them to perform.
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      Published on 9/15/2023