How to Book a DJ for an Event

Follow these tips for finding and booking a DJ.

Brittany Loggins


It can be hard to know how to find, choose, and book a good DJ. However, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure that the entire process of hiring a DJ for your event goes smoothly! 

We put together some important questions that you should ask before booking your DJ as well as general costs and a booking timeline. This information will help when booking a DJ for a birthday party or wedding, as well as private parties, corporate events, and everything in between.

Here are tips and general questions regarding how to book a DJ.

How to book a DJ? FAQs Answered and Tips

How Do You Find a Good DJ?

You can start by visiting typing in “wedding DJ” or “bar mitzvah DJ” or just searching for a DJ in your local area. The Bash has the searching and booking process easily accessible for all party planners and hosts. 

You will be presented with a list of DJs and will be able to see various vendor profiles to browse relevant to your local area. The DJ profiles will show how many bookings they have, verified customer reviews, as well as photos, videos and sound clips which are especially helpful when booking a DJ.

How Early Should You Book a DJ? 

A good rule of thumb to follow in terms of timelines is six months out. However, whether it’s two months or a year, you can start contacting DJ companies or individuals to see if they’re available as soon as you have finalized an event date.

How Much Should a DJ Cost?

This can be a tough question and will vary. When you contact your DJ, make sure you know how long your event is going to last (check with your venue if needed), what kind of music you are hoping to hear, and what kind of space you will have available.  

That last one is super helpful because it will let them know how much equipment they can bring—think speakers, sound boards, dance floors, etc. These are all factors that can impact the cost. 

From there, they should be able to give you an estimate. If you have a strict budget, you’ll want to discuss this with the DJ ahead of time.

What are good questions to ask a DJ?

Asking these questions before your event will not only put you at ease but make sure that the entire event is more organized and will confirm that you and your DJ are on the same page. 

Can I send you song requests? 

Think through all of the songs you love dancing to with your significant other, friends or coworkers. This doesn’t have to just be for weddings!  

Can I send you a list of songs to avoid? 

Think through any songs that you know you do not like or that may be inappropriate for some guests. Be sure to submit these to the DJ beforehand.

Can I share a timeline of when songs should be played?

For weddings, think about your first dance song, the song you want played during a father-daughter dance, during your bouquet toss, etc. 

Can I provide you with a list of names and things I would like mentioned during introductions? 

While this is a big one for wedding receptions, this can also be important if you are hosting a corporate event with speeches. Make sure the DJ is comfortable introducing people and speaking. 

Now that you're ready to find the perfect DJ, browse an extensive list of DJs in your area on The Bash.