35 Hocus Pocus Party Ideas That Will Put a Spell on Guests

Plan an Hocus Pocus themed party just like thissss…

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Almost 30 years later and we were lucky enough to get a sequel of the Sanderson Sisters running amuck the streets of Salem, Massachusetts to haunt our screens once again. This cult classic has become a Halloween tradition in homes across the country, inspiring everything from costumes, to cookbooks, and of course, Hocus Pocus party ideas.

As we prepare for the third movie in the Disney trilogy, we’ll be taking major inspiration for our Hocus Pocus themed Halloween parties. But why stop there? If you’re a lover of all things witchy and magical, Hocus Pocus makes the perfect mystical theme for a Halloween party, fall birthday, or bachelorette. It’s time to turn your generic monster mash this fall into an event the Sanderson Sisters will want to crash.

It’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus, but any successful party needs planning beforehand. Start by finding a movie inspired venue, booking spooktacular entertainment, and serving a delicious menu filled with festive treats. Prepare to be amazed by planning an event just like thissss…

Here are all the Hocus Pocus party ideas you'll need this year:

A Hocus Pocus Themed Party Venue

At Home

Hocus Pocus party idea - house partyPhoto: Jaclyn Vernace/shutterstock.com

The comfort of your own home is a perfect venue option, especially on Halloween night. Guests can take turns answering the door for trick or treaters and hand out candy throughout the party.


Hocus Pocus party idea - museumPhoto: Pierrette Guertin/shutterstock.com

The Sanderson Sister cottage-turned museum plays a major part in the Hocus Pocus film. If you can’t make your way to the Salem Witch Museum this fall, find a museum venue near you to help create the historic and gothic feel.

Event Hall

Hocus Pocus party idea - event hallPhoto: Fabio Pagani/shutterstock.com

In the movie, the whole town of Salem partied inside of town hall on All Hallow’s Eve. If hosting a Halloween wedding or larger celebration, an event hall in your area will do just the trick (or treat) for a spooky soirée.

Hocus Pocus Themed Party Entertainment

Hocus Pocus Costumed Characters

Hocus Pocus party idea - costumed charactersPhoto: Happily Ever Parties & Entertainment

Witches, wizards, goblins, whatever special guests you wish at your Hocus Pocus bash is our command! Browse our site to find different characters, mythical creatures, and other spell-binding guests near you to level up the experience.

Find Costumed Characters

Karaoke DJ

Hocus Pocus party idea - karaoke DJPhoto: VGstockstudio/shutterstock.com

If you’ve ever dreamed of recreating the iconic town hall “I Put a Spell on You” performance, now’s your chance. Book a karaoke DJ to play all your favorite Halloween hits and provide the equipment for you to sing and dance all night long.

Find a Karaoke DJ

Fortune Teller

Hocus Pocus Party Idea - Fortune TellerPhoto: Raven

No one could have predicted the return of the three witches after almost 300 years, but a fortune teller will definitely give you a better idea. Book a fortune teller to leave guests in awe and tell guests what is yet to come.

Find a Fortune Teller

Tarot Card Reader

Hocus Pocus Party Idea - Targot Card readerPhoto: Eve Love & Light

Bring Hocus Pocus to life and see what the future holds with tarot card readings performed by a professional clairvoyant. Receive answers to life long questions, dive into your past, and learn more about yourself while getting your cards read at this theme party.

Find a Tarot Card Reader


Hocus Pocus Party Idea - MagicianPhoto: Nejron Photo/shutterstock.com

Magic and mischief are the first things to come to mind for spooky season. Get into the spirit by booking a magician to perform unique tricks that will wow partygoers of all ages. Add even more magic to your Hocus Pocus party with illusionists and mentalists that offer a variety of entertainment options.

Find a Magician

Photo Booth

Hocus Pocus party idea - photo boothPhoto: Nuchylee/shutterstock.com

Capture the magic, mayhem, and detailed Hocus Pocus party ideas with a photo booth! Set up a backdrop with the Sanderson Sisters’ cottage, a cauldron, and other spooky props like witch hats, brooms, and capes. Receive physical print outs of the pictures or have digital downloads sent right to your phone for your fall Instagram photo dump.

Find a Photo Booth

Hocus Pocus Costumes

Sanderson Sisters

Hocus Pocus party idea - Sanderson Sisters costumesPhoto: Disney Wiki

The witches are back! Take your pick of emulating the style of Winnie, Mary, or Sarah because the trio needs to make an appearance at this event. DIY your ensembles or shop for each of the sisters’ looks on Amazon.

Max Dennison

Hocus Pocus party idea - Max Dennison costumePhoto: Disney Wiki

If dressing in a cloak and witch hat isn’t your style, take a page from Max’s style book this fall season and keep your party attire simple. His wardrobe consisted of jeans, bomber jackets, and Nike Cross Trainers (before Ice took them).


Hocus Pocus party idea - zombie costumePhoto: Disney Wiki

Billy Butcherson is everyone’s favorite zombie. Dress like a member of the undead with a thrifted suit, wig, and dirty-looking makeup to pull it all together. Bonus points if you mumble and walk like a zombie!

Black Cat

Hocus Pocus party idea - black catPhoto: Disney Wiki

Thackery Binx is probably one of the easiest costumes to copycat for any type of costume party. Dress in all black and complete the look with black ears and drawn-on whiskers.

Even More Hocus Pocus Party Ideas


Hocus Pocus party idea - Halloween musicPhoto: Ollyy/shutterstock.com

The Sanderson Sisters’ rendition of “I Put a Spell On You” is one of the best Halloween songs to date. Along with other tunes from the soundtrack, take a listen to our Halloween playlist for inspiration and book a local DJ to get the party started.

Pumpkin Carving and Decorating

Hocus Pocus party idea - pumpkin carvingPhoto: kobeza/shutterstock.com

Who doesn’t love carving a pumpkin every year? Either BYOP (bring your own pumpkin) or supply an assortment of supplies for guests. Everyone will get into the spooky spirit by decorating their jack-o’-lantern to their liking and unleashing their inner artist. Find festive stencils available to download from Etsy.

Hocus Pocus Viewing Party

Hocus Pocus party idea - Hocus Pocus viewing partyPhoto: Impact Photography/shutterstock.com

You obviously need to have the actual Hocus Pocus movie showing in some capacity during this fa-boo-lous party. Either sit down together for a magical watch party or play either of the films in the background to complete the ambiance and allow an immersive movie experience.

Witch Hat Ring Toss

Hocus Pocus party idea - witch hat ring toss

If your guests need a break from the monster mash on the dance floor, you’ll want games and activities to keep everyone occupied. Set up an area for witch hat ring toss that will double as party decor and entertainment. You can use hats you might have from previous Halloween costumes, or you can construct them using art supplies. Once they’re done, lay them out with an assortment of rings so guests can shoot their shot.

DIY Black Flame Candle

Hocus Pocus party idea - DIY black flame candlePhoto: Tenzen/shutterstock.com

Fall is the perfect opportunity to try that DIY candle making project you’ve had saved on your Pinterest board for the last few years. Easily turn this craft into a party activity and favor by adding an extra touch of magic to fit the theme. This Hocus Pocus party idea is simple, just add black dye to the wax mixture and let it set to create your very own black flame candle! To make these candles even more special, add fall scents including pumpkin spice, apple, or cinnamon.

Sugar Cookie Decorating

Hocus Pocus party idea - sugar cookie decoratingPhoto: Etsy

If you would rather give treats than tricks at this event, sugar cookie decorating is a perfect party activity. Using Hocus Pocus cookie cutters from Etsy, easily bake cookies in the shape of the Sanderson sisters so guests can enjoy decorating with colored icing, sprinkles, and other magical goodies.

Pro tip: Don’t allow guests to go home empty-handed! Once the cookies are set, package them for individual party favors.

Hocus Pocus Party Food Ideas

Dead Man’s Toes

Hocus Pocus party idea - dead man's toesPhoto: Bridget Thoreson / Ulysses Press

Using just hot dogs and crescent dough, you can easily recreate this special ingredient to use in a mystical potion or just to snack on. Decorate with ketchup and mustard for the final touches that will bring this food to life. No actual men are harmed in the making of this frightful party appetizer! 

Hocus Pocus Charcuterie

Hocus Pocus party idea - Hocus Pocus charcuterie

Charcuterie and grazing boards are crowd pleasers because there’s something for everyone to munch on. Visit Something Delightful by Rachel Timmerman for more information on how she constructed this gorgeous Hocus Pocus themed board featuring the Sanderson Sisters, witch brooms, and eyeballs. You can never go wrong with this Hocus Pocus party food idea!

Billy Butcherson Graveyard Dip

Hocus Pocus party idea - Billy Butcherson graveyard dipPhoto: Vezzani Photography/shutterstock.com

This is a festive twist on a classic party dip. Make a seven layer dip, guacamole, any type of dip will do. Turn it into a fun Hocus Pocus party food idea by adding crackers, breadsticks, or even small plastic tombstones to make it look like the graveyard Billy Butcherson is buried in.

Binx Brownie Bites

Hocus Pocus party idea - Bing brownie bites

Inspired by everyone’s favorite black cat, easily make this dessert with your favorite brownie recipe. Once cooled, cut the brownies using a cat shaped cookie cutter and decorate to your liking.

Lucky Rat Tails

Hocus Pocus party idea - lucky rat tailsPhoto: Sheila Fitzgerald/shutterstock.com

Sarah Jessica Parker’s character came back after three centuries and immediately looked for her lucky rat tail. Instead of having actual rat tails at your monster mash, guests would much rather snack on Twizzlers, but they give off the same idea!

Caramel Apples

Hocus Pocus party idea - caramel applesPhoto: Geeks Who Eat

Organize a DIY caramel apple station for guests to garnish and decorate as a sweet party treat. Arrange colored sprinkles, chocolate chips, nuts, and other Halloween candy for people to create their own wicked awesome dessert.

Hocus Pocus Themed Drinks

Apple Cider

Hocus Pocus party idea - apple ciderPhoto: Brent Hofacker/shutterstock.com

Apple cider is absolutely necessary at any fall celebration. Take your pick from sparkling, mulled, regular apple cider, or all of the above for a festive beverage option. It can even be used in classic cocktail recipes including Moscow Mules, martinis, and margaritas!

Witches' Brew

Hocus Pocus party idea - witches brewPhoto: Shaiith/shutterstock.com

Forget happy hour, it’s officially witching hour for this Hocus Pocus Halloween party! Any cocktail can easily be turned into a witches' brew—apple cider, fruit punch, you name it. Level up this party drink by serving in a caldron and these movie-themed cups for a spooky effect.

Pro Tip: Consider booking a professional bartender to mix up some magic for a fun Hocus Pocus party idea.

Virgin Black Flame Cocktail

Hocus Pocus party idea - virgin black flame cocktailPhoto: Maksym Fesenko/shutterstock.com

All you need to create this virgin black flame cocktail is your favorite drink recipe and activated charcoal. Not only will the charcoal turn the beverage black, but it’s also known to improve kidney function and lower cholesterol levels. Add this black powder to lemonade, fruit punch, water—anything works!

Pumpkin Spice Espresso Martini

Hocus Pocus party idea - pumpkin spice espresso martiniPhoto: New Africa/shutterstock.com

We’re here for the boos and booze! Combine this trendy cocktail with the taste of fall by mixing up pumpkin spice espresso martinis for an after dinner drink. If you’re not a pumpkin spice lover, don’t worry! Regular espresso martinis can easily be made and taste just as delicious.

Hocus Pocus Party Decorations

Black Flame Candle

Hocus Pocus party idea - black flame candlePhoto: Etsy

It all started when Max lit the black flame candle that brought the Sanderson Sisters back to modern day. Incorporate this iconic movie prop into your themed party by purchasing a replica on Etsy. Don’t worry, it’s already lit!

Book of Spells

Hocus Pocus party idea - book of spellsPhoto: Etsy

What’s a witch without her spellbook? This leather journal on Etsy looks exactly like Winnie’s book from the movie. Filled with blank pages, guests can write thank you notes, their favorite Halloween memory, or scary ghost stories inside.

Cauldrons with Glow Sticks

Hocus Pocus party idea - cauldron with glow sticksPhoto: Pixel-Shot/shutterstock.com

If you want to achieve an eerie look at your Hocus Pocus party, create DIY glowing cauldrons to enhance the spooky aesthetic. You’ll need plastic cauldrons, different colored glow sticks, and small fog machines. This will make it look like you’re whipping up a witch’s brew or maybe a batch of The Life Potion.

Floating Candles

Hocus Pocus party idea - floating candlesPhoto: Tanachot Srijam/shutterstock.com

Channeling some magical Harry Potter vibes, floating candles will help illuminate your event space while also contributing to the spooky theme. Make centerpieces using clear vases filled with water and place a lit tea candle on top. You can also suspend battery powered candles from the ceiling to really wow guests with the decor.

Spooky Garland

Hocus Pocus party idea - spooky garlandPhoto: Etsy

Accent your event space with Hocus Pocus Halloween party decorations that will make the venue pop. The traditional Halloween colors of this spooky garland can be wrapped around staircases, draped around doorways, or even used on tablescapes. Find garland to match the aesthetic of your event on Etsy.

Quote Banner

Hocus Pocus party idea - quote banner

Photo: Amazon

Hocus Pocus has quite a few memorable lines. As an ode to the original film, decorate your space with this “I put a spell on you” banner, or one that says, “I smell children.” This party decor idea also doubles as the perfect photo backdrop.

Pro Tip: Book a photographer to capture the fright fest.

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Published on 8/17/2023