Halloween is a holiday of pure fun, magic, and a little bit of mischief. Make 2015 the best Halloween. EVER. Amazing and unique entertainment from GigMasters will bring your Halloween party from standard to super-crazy-fun!

Here’s just a few of the amazing entertainers you should hire this year:

  1. Sword Swallowers

    The only thing that hurts worse than too much candy is amateur sword swallowing. Hire a pro, amaze your guests in a safe way.

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Memeber Jared Rydelek (Contortionist & Performer)

  2. Hypnotists

    Everyone watching will remember what the hypnotist made you do – and they probably won’t let you forget it.

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member - Comedy Hypnosis with Guy Michaels 
  3. Contortionists

    After watching a few minutes of someone working themselves into a human pretzel, you’ll probably want to work on your flexibility. Post Halloween yoga anyone?.

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member Tara Quinn

  4. Psychics

    A good psychic could probably tell you that you’re about to throw the best party ever. Trust them.

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member Mystic Katherine and Associates 

  5. Magicians

    Add a little “how’d he do that?!” to your party.

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member Gary Goodman Magical Productions

  6. Photographers

    Hire a photographer to capture the magic moments of your epic party. You’ll want to enjoy it, not record it. Let someone else do that.

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member [ Team Olsen ]

  7. Costumed Characters

    Throwing a theme party? Have a real character from your favorite movie/TV show/fairy tale show up!

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member Lil Star Parties

  8. Bartenders

    Halloween isn’t just for kids! The over 21 crowd loves it too. Hire a bartender to help sling drinks, even if it’s a kids party.

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member Liquidmotion

  9. Fortune Tellers

    What does the future hold? I’m sure a professional fortune teller knows.

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member Valentina the Fortune Teller

  10. Hot Dog Vendors

    You can’t possibly just eat candy all night, right?

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member United Hot Dogs

  11. Face Painters

    A painted face is practically a costume in itself.

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member Party by Lisa & Company

  12. DJs

    Music makes a party – well, a party! Plus, a great DJ will know Halloween tunes beyond The Monster Mash. Extra challenge: Use that costume and dance in character.

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member WeJam DJs

  13. Fire Eaters

    Because, woah. Coolest. Thing. Ever. No one will forget a fire eater.

    Photo Credit: GigMaster Member Fire Pixie Princesses & Circus Shows

  14. Celebrity Impersonators

    Bring entertainment AND costume-envy to the party! A celeb impersonator will show you how to really channel Gaga or Dr. Phil

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member Athena Reich (Gaga, Marilyn, Celine, and more)

  15. Ventriloquist

    Wait. Who said that?

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member Marc Rubben

  16. Unicyclists

    Every kid will put a unicycle on their Christmas list after seeing the cool stunts a GigMasters pro can do! Good luck with that.

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member The Marty Show

  17. Snake Charmers

    Snakes are significantly less scary when charmed (and draped on a scantily clad woman).

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member Steve August and the Snake Babe

  18. Caricaturist

    Remember the moment with a caricature! Guaranteed to be 72% funnier than a photo

    Cartoon Credit: GigMasters Member Dino Diartist

  19. Belly Dancers

    It sounds sexy and exotic, but hiring a belly dancer is actually good, clean fun. Usually.

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member Nyla Crystal 

  20. Animals!

    Kids and adults alike like to get up close and personal with exotic animals like snakes and reptiles. Unpredictable Fun! 

    Photo Credit: GigMasters Member Lick Your Eyeballs Reptiles

Are you having the best Halloween party ever? Tell us, and we might feature your party on our site!