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6 Tips for Hosting a Virtual Party

Celebrate together! Virtual parties are more popular than ever.

Brittany Anderson

Brittany Anderson


Photo credit: adriaticfoto/Shutterstock.com

While we continue to navigate the waters of the COVID-19 pandemic, most—if not all—events in the United States have been postponed or cancelled for at least the upcoming months.  

If you’ve made the decision to cancel an upcoming event (birthday party, wedding, sporting event), you can still celebrate with friends and family and host the party virtually! 

Maintaining relationships and staying social while social distancing is essential, and there’s no better way to do so than by planning and hosting a virtual party. Not sure where to start? We’ve put together these essential tips for hosting a virtual party. 

Pick a Platform

A virtual party requires a video chat app for your group to get together. FaceTime, Google Hangout, Zoom and Houseparty are some of the most popular (and free!) platforms available. You can also choose from this list of 10 Best Video Chat Apps

Choose a Theme

Is this a birthday party or another milestone event? Is it a weekly happy hour with friends? Whatever the occasion, it’s the perfect time to order decor from online retailers (guests will still see these details on-screen!), require a theme-appropriate dress code for guests, and incorporate themed food and drinks.  

Not sure which theme is best for your virtual event? Check out this list of party themes for inspiration or one of these 30 virtual party ideas.

Send Digital Invites 

Make it official-official! Sites like Evite have various invitations designed for every type of virtual party. Choose the best fit for your type of event and customize it with the necessary event details. Don’t forget to include the specifics of how to join virtually—whether that’s via FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Zoom!

Support Local Vendors 

  • Even in these times of social distancing, party hosts can hire entertainment from vendors who offer services such as virtual shows by an Elvis impersonator, or even a virtual singing telegram.  Browse a full list of vendors offering virtual services here.
  • Since it is a special occasion, you can utilize curbside pick-up or delivery options from your favorite local restaurant. Encourage party guests to do the same—this way you can all enjoy the same party foods together. 
  • Hosting a birthday party? Be sure to reach out to your favorite bakery and have the necessary birthday cake (or cupcakes!) on-hand for the guest of honor.

Plan an Activity

With every kids’ party, an activity is always key, and that’s no different from a virtual party! We’ve found a couple of interactive options that will be a perfect fit for kids and adults alike: 

  • Netflix Party: This feels just like having a birthday party at the movie theater! Guests will need a Netflix subscription and a Google Chrome extension—add some popcorn and candy, and you’re ready to go! 
  • Virtual Dances: Prior to the party, the kids can learn their favorite dances from these different Disney dance tutorials (also fun for any Disney-loving adults!). Adults can turn to YouTube for dance tutorials on everything from line dancing to the latest TikTok dances. When the party starts, they can perform together for a virtual dance party. Make sure other guests are ready with their phones to film these memorable moments.
  • Play Games: There are always options such as Xbox Live and Nintendo Online (if you pay for subscriptions), but there are also free options like virtual Uno and Monopoly—both allow party-goers to play board games together virtually. For up to eight people, the Houseparty app offers games such as Chips and Guac (word association), Heads Up! (charades), trivia and quick draw (similar to Pictionary).

Share on Social

Spread the love and share the fun! Inspire others to still celebrate their special moments together and host virtual parties. 

During the Party

Facebook or Instagram Live: These are perfect mediums to share a behind the scenes look at your virtual party. Create a #hashtag and encourage your guests to share too! 

After the Party

Facebook Photo Album or Carousel Instagram Post: Include pictures of each virtual party detail (theme decor, activities, food and drinks). Don’t forget to include various screenshots of virtual party guests engaging in the fun.

Published on 3/25/2020