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5 Fun and Festive Winter Craft Ideas for Kids

These kid-friendly crafts are the perfect winter party activity.

Lilly Blomquist


Planning a party for your kids can be a tricky task, especially during the winter months. Kids are a bundle of energy who need plenty of stimulation, but the cold weather can limit your options for party activities. While the kids are cooped up inside, instead of trying to entertain them as a one-man show, you can occupy them with an easy and enjoyable winter craft project. 

These winter craft ideas are great for those party hosts who don’t consider themselves crafty and who don’t have an unlimited budget or timeframe. Anyone (you and your kids) can make each craft on the list because none of them require any special skills. And it doesn't take much time or effort to accumulate the craft materials because empty soup cans and colorful construction paper are most likely lying around the house.

These winter projects for kids will complete any celebration whether you’re planning a craft party or are trying to find an engaging activity to keep the kids busy so you can get a moment to yourself. You won’t have to arrange goody bags either because the kids will get to take home their masterpieces and new crafting skills.

1. Snowman Tin Can


Photo Credit: 5 Minutes for Mom

Building a snowman might not be a feasible party activity if snow isn’t in the forecast, but the kids can get a feel for winter weather by creating their very own snowman. All you need for this winter craft is a tin can and different paint colors. Your pantry is most likely stocked with canned goods, right? Use them up leading up to the party, and collect the tin cans. After everyone builds their mini snowmen (and the paint is dry!), stack the cans for a game of bowling.

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2. Handprint Penguin 


Photo Credit: The Best Ideas for Kids

Why bring your kids to the zoo in the freezing cold when they can take home their very own furry friend? Arrange a craft table with scissors, construction paper, felt, glue and googly eyes. The kiddos can trace their hands and cut out the handprints to use as the penguin’s body, then craft a wintery scene.

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3. Winter Tree Art


Photo Credit: Fantastic Fun and Learning

Kids will love this winter tree project because the craft is 3D and uses real sticks. You’ll love the craft even more because it’s simple and painless. You can even make a stick scavenger hunt part of the craft activity!

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4. Paper Plate Wreath 


Photo Credit: Glitter on a Dime

Instead of hanging up a wreath made out of pine branches and holly, a paper plate wreath will last longer and be a lot more fun to create. Cut the paper plates into circles ahead of time, and once the kids arrive, ask them to decorate the wreaths with paint, markers, snowflake cutouts and ribbon. They can take the wreaths home and hang it on their bedroom doors as a holiday decoration. 

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5. Melted Snowman


Photo Credit: Darice

Everyone loves making snowmen, but how often have you made a snowman puddle? With this melted snowman craft, kids can preserve the snowman and snowy day activities even when the temperature gets warmer. If you don’t want your young guests to mess around with sharp scissors, cut the shapes ahead of time. 

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