Astrology Themed Party: Birthday Party Ideas for a Taurus

It's Taurus season!

Lauren Miolene


Taurus babies, this one’s for you! April 20th through May 20th is your time to celebrate and shine. This means it’s time to start thinking about your upcoming birthday party, but don’t worry, The Bash has plenty of unique and creative ideas for you. We even have a handy checklist to help you out every step of the way.

Take inspiration from your astrological sign and try one of our six party themes so you can celebrate your birthday in style. These earth signs are practical, persistent, and love a good party. Are you starting to get some ideas?

Pro Tip: If you have a deep interest in all things astrology, consider booking an astrologer for your birthday party so guests can learn more about themselves.

Here are top party themes for a Taurus…

Picnic Party

Taurus birthday party theme - picnic partyPhoto: KateKlim/

Taurus are lucky enough to be born in the spring, so can you think of a better birthday party theme than a picnic party? Celebrate this earth sign outside in the garden, at the beach, or in the park for an extra special birthday get-together.

Picnic parties make one of the best party themes for a Taurus because they’re extremely versatile to the guest of honor. Host at your favorite place, serve your favorite food, and decorate with your favorite colors. You can also easily incorporate other themes like Bridgerton, around the world, or Jurassic Park.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, entertainment will elevate this birthday party to make it extra memorable. Incorporate live music into the Taurus birthday party by booking an acoustic guitarist, string quartet, or even a cover band.

Kentucky Derby

Taurus birthday party theme - Kentucky DerbyPhoto: Julie Vader/

The Kentucky Derby falls right in the middle of Taurus season, so if you’re looking for a unique birthday party theme, this is it. Channel the class and sophistication of the south with a preppy celebration that’s perfect for the spring.

Obviously, Kentucky is known for their bourbon whiskey, so this Taurus birthday party is a great time to host a bourbon tasting. Invite guests to wear their best suit or dress as well as over the top hats and headpieces. Don’t forget to decorate with plenty of roses, horseshoes, and whip up plenty of mint juleps.

To get this Taurus birthday party off to the races, book exciting entertainment as seen at the derby. Book a talented bluegrass band to recreate the authentic sound, a photo booth to capture the memories, and if you’re actually traveling to the derby, consider booking transportation like a party bus or limo.

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Outdoor Movie Party

Taurus birthday party theme - outdoor movie partyPhoto: Pearl PhotoPix/

For a fun Taurus birthday party idea, take advantage of the warmer weather and cooler nights with a special outdoor movie night. Gather your friends and pick your favorite movie to celebrate your birthday in a relaxing way.

First things first, rent an outdoor movie screen, then the fun can begin! Set up comfortable seating with blankets and bean bag chairs, string accent lighting throughout your backyard, and make sure to have plenty of movie snacks like popcorn and candy. Take inspiration with popular movies like The Parent Trap, The Princess Diaries, or Star Wars.

Anyone can have a movie night, but take it to the next level with different vendors. Consider booking a variety of food carts and trucks to serve different types of food for guests. You can also book a bartender to mix up fun cocktails and mocktails to sip on during the movie.

Outdoor Movie Party Guide

Old Hollywood 

Taurus birthday party theme - old HollywoodPhoto: Valeriy1stok/

There’s a reason why old Hollywood themed parties are so popular, they’re fabulous! Transport guests back in time to the golden age of Hollywood with a glamorous themed party to celebrate your birthday this year. 

Encourage guests to dress in classic Hollywood attire and decorate your venue with vintage movie posters, gold accents, and plush velvet furnishings. Serve classic cocktails and fancy hors d'oeuvres to help set the tone of old Hollywood parties.

Can you even think of old Hollywood without Marilyn Monroe coming to mind? Book a Marilyn Monroe impersonator that can perform, mingle with guests, and pose for pictures throughout the birthday party. To recreate the sound of old Hollywood, you can book a jazz band or pianist to serenade everyone.

Old Hollywood Themed Party Guide

Cooking Party

Taurus birthday party theme - cooking partyPhoto: Ground Picture/

A Taurus will love hosting a cooking party to celebrate turning another year older. You and guests can learn to prepare a special homemade dish and enjoy a delicious meal together afterwards.

To successfully organize a cooking party, you’ll want to hire a chef to help lead the group. Communicate with them beforehand to see what meals you can recreate and all of the ingredients you’ll need to gather beforehand. Set up cooking stations at home and let the fun begin.

Pair your birthday party entertainment with the dish you’re preparing. If choosing to whip up a pasta dish, book an Italian singer. If you’re learning to make something Greek, look into booking an ABBA tribute band to recreate the Mamma Mia aesthetic. The possibilities are endless and The Bash has all of the entertainment ideas you’ll need to celebrate.


Taurus birthday party theme - CoachellaPhoto: gpointstudio/

What’s more exciting than Coachella? Between popular artists, trendy food and drinks, and amazing outfits, this makes the perfect Tarus birthday party theme idea. Whether you’ve already been or it’s on your bucket list, bring the desert vibes to your party this year.

As you know, Coachella is all about channeling the right vibes. To do this you’ll want to recreate the concert setting as close as you can. Encourage guests to wear their favorite bohemian outfit, serve trendy cocktails, and have plenty of live music.

Create your own personal concert by booking a variety of live musicians. Book a cover band to play your favorite songs, tribute artists that sound just like popular singers, and a DJ to play Coachella inspired house music.

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Published on 4/18/2024