Super Bowl Party Ideas

Drew Stoga


Technically all you really need to host a Super Bowl party is a TV. Of course if your friends are anything like mine, they are expecting a Super Bowl party filled with way more over-the-top food and drink than they need, not to mention a flatscreen the size of a billboard.

In order to make sure your guests don’t abandon your Super Bowl party and head for the nearest TGIFriday’s, we humbly submit the following Super Bowl party ideas: Not every NFL expert will admit this, but the most important part of the Super Bowl is the Food. In order to have a truly super party, you need super food. We recommend you forget about that diet for this one day and get truly gluttonous.

Here are a few killer Super Bowl recipes, not for the faint of heart:

Amazing Ribs Maybe watching football brings out our primal instincts because there is little in life that goes better together than football and ribs. Amazing Ribs truly has some of the best recipes around, not just for ribs but all things pork and Southern barbecue. However the big game is going down in Texas so you might consider these Texas-Style Baby-Backs. Either way, remember to supply plenty of napkins.

Supersized Snacks More than anything, Super Bowl party food is about the snacks. Your guests are going to expect a little bit of everything. Nachos, chicken wings and maybe even some Crudités (that means raw vegetables) are all classic starters that will keep your guests satisfied no matter how the first half goes. If your friends prefer that their Super Bowl foods have an exotic twist – try Emeril’s duck confit nachos or these lamb sliders with blue cheese.

In addition to overeating, another great Super Bowl Sunday tradition is friendly gambling. No one is suggesting you start betting on the point spread or over/under but a Super Bowl party games are a great way to get everyone invested in the game, even those friends of yours who seem to care more about the commercials.

Super Bowl Bracket The easiest and most fair way to get everyone involved in the fun is a Super Bowl bracket. This requires literally ZERO football knowledge and puts everyone on an even playing field. Click here for instructions on how to create a Super Bowl bracket. Now with all that gambling and eating your guests might get a little thirsty. Our research indicates that football fans seem to like beer. A lot. Sure beer might seem like a necessity at a Super Bowl party but make sure you provide some options especially some non-alcoholic options. You want your guests to make it home safe and make it back for your next party.

Be sure you invite some designated drivers. The good news: if you follow our instructions you are sure to have a successful Super Bowl party. The bad news: the NFL season is one game away from being over.

How long until March Madness?