Tips for Hiring a Clown

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


Clowns are very popular kids' party performers. They are perfect for children's birthday parties, community events and family get-togethers. When looking to hire a clown, you will realize that there are many different types of clowns to choose from, each offering different specialties, costumes and routines. With such a wide variety of options out there, it pays to do your research before hiring a clown. So, how do you find the right fit? Glad you asked! We have spoken to some of our top clown performers and asked their advice on how clients can select the perfect performer. Here's what they had to say:

Age Appropriate is Key:
Carey Ann's Clown Caravan (Riverview, Michigan) "Be it a birthday party for your own children - or a company picnic or party foryour employee's families - you should be confident you are bringing in entertainment that is family appropriate, safe... and fun! Clients should look for a clown that is confident and talented in the services to be delivered. Ask about their experience - the types of gigs they've performed, read their feedback and ask if they have any references available. Request that the performer explain exactly what they are going to do - and be sure the services offered are age appropriate for the children attending."

Prepare Your Questions:
Childlike Productions (Bradenton, Florida) suggests that clients have a list of questions to review with any potential performer:

Do you work as an individual or with a clown partner?

What do you specialize in? (games, magic, balloon twisting, face-painting, puppets?)

Do you have personal liability insurance?

Are you part of an agency or group? If so, does the company run background checks on the entertainers?

Know Your Goals:
When it comes to larger events, you should really consider what exactly you expect from your performer. Houston Clown Fun (Houston, Texas) had some great thoughts on prioritizing your wants before booking a performer: "Usually at corporate events or larger parties, the client wants both face painting and balloon art. With that being said, think about what your goals are for the event. Do you want simple face painting and balloon art that can be done quickly because you have a TON of kids that need it? Or are you putting on an event with lots of time for the clown to do special balloons (like cartoon balloons and sculptures)? Will your event allow for enough time for the clown to put on a full show?"

One important factor to consider with larger events is the length of time you want the clown to perform. For example, if you plan on having 300 kids in attendance with only 2 hours of performance time, some kids may not be able to receive something. You may have to consider multiple performers or increase the time of the performance. It is important to know what your vision is for the event so you can discuss your ideas with potential performers.

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