Tips for Leaving Vendor Reviews on The Bash

Maddie Sheely

Account Specialist + Contributor

So you booked a vendor, the day of your event is here, and everything has gone off without a hitch! Before the end of your event, the vendor thanks you for choosing them and reminds you to leave a review, but you aren’t sure where or how to do so. We put together some helpful tips and information on how and why you should leave a review for your vendor after your event. 

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding vendor reviews:

Why should I leave a review?

You may feel like after your event is over and a review doesn’t seem incredibly necessary. While the review is not required, they help vendors tremendously! Most planners like to read over a few reviews before inquiring about an upcoming celebration and your review could help someone choose the perfect vendor for their event.

Reviews can help other planners understand how the vendor communicated with you as well as your experience before, during and after your event! Anything you would want to know in their shoes is important to share with others! 

When can I leave a review? 

On The Bash, you can leave a review anytime after the event has taken place. You will receive a review reminder email the day after your event as well as 14 days after your event if a review has not yet been left. 

You can also log in to your account on The Bash and click on the "leave review" button next to the vendor that you booked. 

What can I expect to be asked on the review?

For reviews on The Bash, you’ll be asked to rate the vendor based on their professionalism, how they handled special requests for your event, overall talent, how strongly you would recommend them to a friend, and your overall satisfaction with the vendor.  There is also a place for you to write a brief description of your overall experience. 

You will be asked to rate the vendors on a star rating scale. The answers to the survey are averaged with previous planner feedback to calculate the actual star rating that you see on the vendor's profile.

Tips for Reviews on The Bash:

  • You are limited to 675 characters in the open ended response. 
  • If someone other than the planner who submitted the request would like to post the review, you can email us at  We can then reach out and ask them for their feedback.
  • Please spell check your review and avoid using emojis. While we love a good smiley face emoji, our site will not be able to share that on the vendor’s profile with the review. It’s important to reread your review before posting it to make sure your spelling and punctuation is ready for others to read.
  • If you need to remove or edit your review, you can do so by logging into your account on The Bash and clicking the button that says View Feedback. Here you can update your star ratings or make any changes to your open ended response. 

Not only do our vendors rely heavily on reviews but it’s helpful to future planners to read your reviews. On The Bash, the only reviews listed are verified reviews from bookings through the site. These reviews can only be posted by planners who have booked their vendor through The Bash—so you know that the reviews you see are real. 

If you have any questions regarding reviews or your review specifically, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Account Services team.