10 Kids Halloween Party Entertainment Ideas

These vendors will capture the magic of Halloween with fun activities that every child will enjoy.
Brittany Anderson

Brittany Anderson


Each year, kids can't wait to celebrate Halloween. Between funky Halloween costumes and overloading on candy, it's no wonder! However, there are times when our holiday traditions may seem a little predictable. If you're looking to spice up your family's Halloween this year, we’ve compiled a list of kids Halloween party entertainment ideas. 

Ensure Halloween 2021 is celebrated like no other before with some of these fun and spooky party entertainers for kids.


Here are some of the most popular kids Halloween party entertainment ideas:

Mystical Experiences

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There are plenty of kid-friendly entertainers that any guest will love. Believe it or not, a fortune teller, psychic or tarot card reader would make a great addition to a Halloween party geared toward kids. 

The kids (and adults) will be amazed to hear what’s in store for their future! Even if you're hosting a virtual Halloween party this year, you can still hire these mystical entertainers by booking a digital session instead! 

Spooky Songs

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What’s a party without music? Even if you're just hosting a small get together in the backyard this Halloween, put your iPhone down and leave the playlist up to the professional DJ. They’ll be able to provide a variety of Halloween favorites (we’re talking “The Monster Mash” and The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack) as well as today’s top hits.

Magical Moments

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As if Halloween isn’t magical enough, book a magician to kick it up a notch. A mysterious magician can provide some tricks and treats on the spot to keep all guests engaged. Some even offer a virtual experience, in case you're looking to keep the guest list smaller this Halloween. 

Point and Shoot

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This is the perfect way to capture a boo-tiful photo op. Book an open-air photo booth for some fun with the kids and adults. Don’t forget the Halloween-themed props. The photo booth printouts are a great keepsake for friends to take home too.

Perceptible Party Favors

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Having a caricaturist is a fun way to remember any event. A caricature from a Halloween party will be even more festive with costumes! Find an artist in your area, or even book a vendor to do a virtual caricature series via video chat instead!

Having a caricaturist is a fun way to remember any event. A caricature from a Halloween party will be even more festive with costumes. Find an artist in your area, or even book a vendor to do a virtual caricature series via video chat instead!

Kids Halloween Party Entertainment Booking Tips:

If you are interested in booking entertainment for your Halloween event, remember our top-rated entertainers and vendors book quickly. Everyone just loves Halloween. The earlier you book, the more likely you'll be able to hire your first choice of an entertainer.

We can help you with everything from looking to booking. Get in touch with us, and one of our account specialists can help you find the perfect Halloween party entertainment to captivate every kid.

Having trouble choosing a Halloween party theme? We can help with that too. Just take a look at our Halloween Pinterest board for some inspiration. Don’t forget to include your theme on your invitations so that your guests can dress their best for your spook-tacular event.

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Published on 9/9/2021