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How To Hire: Halloween Entertainment

Chelsea Pellegrino


Halloween is just around the corner! If you're throwing a spooky soiree, you'll need entertainment that adds a mystery of element and surprise. What's our recommendation? Book a magician, hypnotist, fortune teller or tarot card reader! Any of these vendors are sure to bring something special to your party that will thrill and amaze guests.

No matter which kind of entertainer you choose, we want to help you find the best fit for your bash. We've already featured awesome advice from our magicians and hypnotists, so this time we reached out to our fortune tellers and tarot card readers for some tips on how to book the best performer.

I See Entertainment in Your Future...

...but before you book a performer, there's a few questions you should ask. According to fortune teller Paula Taylor (New York, NY), it is important to discuss what kind of event the entertainer specializes in. Many vendors, including Paula, specialize in Halloween events. Cathy, Fortune Teller with Psychic Solutions (Clarkston, GA), suggests that you also read testimonials and reviews of past gigs. If you want to see the performer in action, check out the photos or videos on their profile.  Cathy says, "Look for accuracy, entertainment value and wow factor!" Auroracle, a tarot card reader from Staten Island, NY, also reminds you to ask how many readings the performer can do in an hour's time. This will give a good indication of how long you should book the entertainer for, based on the amount of guests attending.

Our vendors might be able to predict the future, but they'll still need some information about your party to make sure everything runs smoothly. Fortune teller Doctor Shane (Tampa, FL) encourages you to specify the theme of the party, as many fortune tellers have costumes that can coordinate with your event vision. The nature of the party is also important to discuss with the performer. For example, if there will be kids present, you may want to request that the performer put a positive spin on each reading.

Finally, chat about the location and details of your party. Lance Campbell (Seattle, WA) mentions that it can be difficult to hear or perform a reading if the entertainer is set up near loud music, so keep that in mind when planning the party layout. Make sure to discuss what supplies the entertainer will need for their performance. Usually, this will consist of a small table and a few chairs. Tarot card reader Bev Hitchins (Alexandria, VA) shares that readings can be very personal, so the table should be set up in a semi-private area.

Now you know all the tricks to treat your guests with some awesome entertainment! Start your search for Halloween fun here.