How to Host a Virtual Halloween Party

Even if you’re staying home this Halloween, you can still celebrate online!

Brittany Barber


If you ask me, the spookiest — well, second spookiest — thing about Halloween 2022 is the fact that it's right around the corner. Hopefully, you've got your plans mostly figured out by now — and hopefully, those plans include a virtual Halloween party, we’re here to help!

As we’ve adapted to COVID-19 social distancing limitations, we’re getting used to celebrating special events and moments virtually. As the rules and reopenings vary from state to state, some of us remain at home, carrying out day-to-day activities remotely. So! If we can carry out our everyday lives virtually, why can't we celebrate virtual Halloween too? Oh right, we can!

Staying home this Halloween doesn’t mean your hopes and dreams for a fun Halloween party have to dwindle. Between virtual Halloween party entertainment and excellent video calling apps, we’ll help you plan the best virtual Halloween party ever.


Here are 9 tips for hosting an uber-spooky and fun virtual Halloween party.

Choose a Virtual Meeting Platform 

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Whether it’s Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype, by this point we all have a favorite video chat app. Decide which one works best for your bubble and start making your guest list! You’ll want to start planning your virtual spook-fest sooner rather than later to ensure your guests can prepare.

Send Spooky Party Invite

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There is something about autumn and Halloween that brings out the arts and crafts in people. If you’re the type to make your own Halloween decorations and DIY costumes, why not craft some old fashioned paper invitations too? With the event being virtual, a homemade invitation card could provide the extra personality you might be looking for.

But don’t stress - if snail-mail just isn’t your thing, opt for digital invites instead. Sites like Evite have free customizable invite templates that even allow you to include your own video chat link.

Choose a Halloween Background

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Wondering how to decorate for a virtual Halloween party? Along with jack o lanterns and faux spider webs strewn about your desk, a virtual Halloween background is key to the virtual Halloween party ambiance. Whether you’re going for dark and macabre or cozy with fall colors, take your pick from our free Halloween backgrounds

Create a Spooky Playlist

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Monster Mash? Superstition? Thriller? It is their time to shine, people! Throw together a fun playlist that features songs with a spooky twist. Be sure to share them with your guests ahead of time, to get that Halloween spirit flowing.

Bonus: here are 70 Spooky Songs for Your Halloween Playlist.

Plan Virtual Halloween Party Activities

Wondering what to do at a virtual Halloween party? Here a few ideas that should break the digital ice and get the party started:

Virtual Dance Party

Use that spooky playlist, and have a virtual dance party this Halloween. With a playlist you can all listen to, dance the night away together — apart! Get some of that spooky energy flowing, and move your body!

Hire Halloween Entertainment

Just because your Halloween party is virtual, doesn’t mean you have to skip the Halloween entertainment! There are plenty of virtual games you can play, and even virtual entertainment for hire to add that extra pumpkin spice. From Virtual Psychics and Tarot Card Readers to Virtual Impersonators and Costumed Characters, we’ve got you covered.

Pro Tip: For more ideas, check out our tips on how to hire Halloween entertainment!

Tell Scary Stories 

Go around the virtual table, and exchange your strangest and spookiest stories. From encounters with the supernatural to creepy neighbors, everyone's got one story that is sure to send chills. Keep it improvised, or let people ahead of time know so they can prepare something particularly eerie. You could even hire a storyteller to start things off! Just make sure you're aware of any kids that will be present. You don't want to spook them too much! 

Host a Virtual Murder Mystery Party

Speaking of entertainment, you could even turn your virtual party into a virtual murder mystery party! What better time than All Hallow’s Eve to host the ultimate game night and solve a spooky mystery? You can find an assortment of murder mystery game packs online, or you could even consider hiring virtual murder mystery entertainment if you really wanted to up the ante!

For a more in-depth look into how to throw a virtual murder mystery party, check out our awesome guide

Listen To a True Crime Podcast

Nothing says terrifying like non-fiction stories about crime and murder. If you and your friends are into true crime podcasts, what better time to listen together than on Halloween? If you already have a fave, use that one. Otherwise, choose from popular podcasts like My Favorite Murder, Serial, Crime Junkie, Criminal, and S-Town. Again, make sure there aren't any little-ones within earshot — these stories can be seriously scary, and usually not suitable for kids. 

Watch A Halloween Movie 

Finish the night together with some candy corn and a Halloween film on Netflix Party. It can be a total gore-fest, something light and fun for the whole family to watch, or even a chilling documentary. Don’t forget to turn off the lights. 

Halloween Themed Food and Drinks

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Just because it’s a virtual party doesn’t mean you can’t coordinate fun recipes.

Tell your guests to prepare their own spooky cocktails and Halloween treats, and make it a show and tell! Who doesn’t love a Halloween themed appetizer?  

Host a Costume Contest

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What is All Hallow’s Eve without a Halloween costume contest? If you’re wondering how to organize a virtual Halloween costume competition, look no further. Follow these simple steps to up the ante:

Make Rules
Be sure to set clear guidelines for your Halloween costume contest. Are store-bought costumes allowed? PG costumes only? Be sure to cater these to your guest list, and be mindful if there will be children participating too. 

Choose a Theme
Instead of throwing the usual Halloween costume party, give your virtual costume contest a theme. Whether that means dressing up as 1940's movie stars or hosting a superhero reunion, choose a theme that will encourage your pals to go all-out. Want more Halloween party theme ideas? Take a gander through our 56 Thrilling Halloween Party Ideas and Themes

Designate Judges
Decide on who should be the judge of the contest. Depending on the size of your virtual party guest list, you could have multiple judges or even use a voting system which allows everyone to have a say in the winner.

Incentivize your guests to compete by preparing prizes. Candy, baked goods, gift cards, or even a bottle of wine should be good enough motivators! 

Expand your guests’ chances of winning by including different types of costume categories. Best DIY, scariest, funniest, and most original are a few good ones to start with. If you choose to include several categories, let people know ahead of time so they can keep them in mind when choosing a costume.

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