30 Super-Trouper Ideas for a Mamma Mia Themed Party

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Everything you need for a Mamma Mia themed party.

Clara Higgins


Calling all dancing queens and super troupers! Are you ready to take a chance on a Mamma Mia themed party? This beloved movie-musical is teeming with inspiration for an unforgettable event. You’ve got singing, dancing, delicious Greek food, plus all the beachy cocktails you could ask for. 

With our help, none of these fabulous details will slip through your fingers, and your guests will be thanking you for the music all night long! A Mamma Mia themed party is the ideal choice for a milestone birthday celebration, bridal shower, or if you really want to stay true to the vibe of the movie, a Mamma Mia themed bachelorette party or engagement celebration! 

So, dust off your bell-bottoms, dig out your platform shoes, and get ready to unleash your inner Dynamo. Not only will you and guests bond over your love of this hit musical, but you can also gain a newfound appreciation for the gorgeous Mediterranean details, soundtracked by the endless hits of ABBA. 

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Mamma Mia Themed Party Entertainment

ABBA Tribute Band

Mamma Mia themed party - ABBA tribute bandPhoto: Dancing Dream 

Relish in the full Kalokairi fantasy by finding an ABBA tribute band to play at your Mamma Mia party. There are plenty of bands that specialize in recreating the Swedish superstars’ iconic performances and are sure to bring the house down. Work with your band to design a custom Mamma Mia setlist that completely fits the vibe of your celebration, whether it’s a birthday or engagement party. 

Find an ABBA Tribute Band


Mamma Mia themed party - bartenderPhoto: wavebreakmedia/shutterstock.com

Bartenders know how to put on a show, that’s why this party vendor doubles as entertainment! Watch these skilled mixologists whip up all of your favorite drinks and perform a few tricks at your Mamma Mia themed party.

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Sing-along Movie Screening

Mamma Mia themed party - movie screeningPhoto: Impact Photography/shutterstock.com

Bring your guests together for an exclusive screening of the movie at your Mamma Mia themed party. For an extra cinematic experience, consider projecting the film on an outdoor movie screen to transport guests to the gorgeous Grecian island. Beginning your celebration with a much-needed rewatch of your favorite film is sure to help set the tone. 

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Mamma Mia themed party - karaokePhoto: Jacob Lund/shutterstock.com

What’s your go-to ABBA belter? Get the band back together with some thematic karaoke at this Mamma Mia theme party. You can stick to songs from the Mamma Mia soundtrack or, for the superfans, choose deep cuts from ABBA’s back catalog. Bonus points for group choreography! 

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Photo Booth

Mamma Mia themed party - photo boothPhoto: Siri Stafford/Photo Images

You’re definitely going to want to capture moments from your Mamma Mia party, so a photo booth is an entertaining way to do so. Set up a backdrop of Kalokairi, the iconic Hotel Bella Donna sign, or scenes from the movie to immerse guests in the musical setting.

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Costume Contest

Mamma Mia themed party - costume contestPhoto: Glamour UK

If you’re wondering what to wear to a Mamma Mia themed party, think Donna’s dungarees, Tanya’s chic bob, or any of the unforgettable denim looks of the Dynamos. Invite your guests to make their best attempt at dressing up as some of their favorite characters and crown the best or most creative Mamma Mia themed party outfit. This Mamma Mia theme party idea also creates the opportunity for some amazing pictures to post on Instagram!

Mamma Mia Themed Party Venues 


Mamma Mia themed party - villa venuePhoto: Miguel AF/shutterstock.com

Mamma Mia is all about the Greek vibes, taking place on a fictional yet picturesque island. You can recreate the mood by holding your party at a villa near the sea, pretending you’re the newest guests at Hotel Bella Donna. Some elements we recommend are sandy stones and close proximity to the water, especially if you want to recreate the “Lay All Your Love on Me" dance scene. 


Mamma Mia themed party - beach venuePhoto: adriaticfoto/shutterstock.com

Mamma Mia is the ultimate summer beach movie, so it makes sense that you might want to host your themed celebration on the beach! You can set up bonfires, tiki bars, and anything else you desire to make the night as magical as the movie makes you feel. 

Rooftop Pool

Mamma Mia themed party - rooftop pool venuePhoto: 1989studio/shutterstock.com

Being by the water is an essential part of the Mamma Mia theme party experience, but if you can’t make it to the beach, don't worry; a pool setting is a glamorous alternative. Here, you can set up your outdoor screening areas, food spreads, and bar areas with ease. Guests will be able to relax by the water and even take a dip if they feel like it.

Mamma Mia Themed Party Food Ideas

Chiquitita Chicken Souvlaki

Mamma Mia themed party - Chiquitita chicken souvlakiPhoto: iMarzi/shutterstock.com

Greek food is an essential part of your Mamma Mia themed party menu. Indulge in delicious souvlaki, which is made with skewered chicken that’s seasoned with herbs and spices. Vegetarian options can also be created, using the fresh vegetables of your choice. 

Hot Honey, Honey Hummus

Mamma Mia themed party - hot honey, honey hummusPhoto: tomertu/shutterstock.com

Add a touch of sweet heat to your Mamma Mia party food spread with a delicious hummus inspired by one of ABBA’s hit songs. Follow your favorite hummus recipe and garnish with a generous pour of hot honey on top. Pair this with fresh veggies and pita for a delicious appetizer option.

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Greek Salad

Mamma Mia themed party - gimme, gimme, gimme Greek saladPhoto: Timolina/shutterstock.com

Is it even a Mamma Mia party theme without a Greek salad? Mix together tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, olives, and feta with olive oil and herbs for a refreshing party appetizer.

SOS Spanakopita

Mamma Mia themed party - SOS spanakopitaPhoto: OlgaBombologna/shutterstock.com

This Greek dish is ideal for a Mamma Mia theme party. Traditionally served as a pie, this flakey spinach and feta pastry can also be made in individual portions for easy grazing. 

Money, Money, Money, Meatballs

Mamma Mia themed party - money, money, money meatballsPhoto: Lecker Studio/shutterstock.com

Meatballs are a classic party appetizer that are simple to customize as a Mamma Mia party food option. Using ground beef or lamb, incorporate Greek flavors like onion, feta, oregano, cumin, and mint for a delicious twist that guests will love.

Voulez-Vous Mezze Platters

Mamma Mia themed party - voulez-vous mezze plattersPhoto: zarzamora/shutterstock.com

Just like Mamma Mia, a mezze platter is a little bit of everything good. These spreads are perfect for feeding large crowds, but smaller versions work perfectly too. They can be loaded up with Grecian classics like feta cheese, stuffed grape leaves, pita bread, hummus, and more. 

Mamma Mia Themed Party Drinks

Waterloo Watermelon Spritzers

Mamma Mia themed party - Waterloo watermelon spritzersPhoto: Tamanna Rumee/pexels.com

This refreshing and hydrating drink is perfect for your Mamma Mia themed party. Blend fresh watermelon, with lime juice, simple syrup, and top with sparkling water for a sweet mocktail. For a fun cocktail option, just add a splash of vodka, tequila, or rum.

Super Trouper Tequila Sunrise

Mamma Mia themed party - super trouper tequila sunrisePhoto: Charles Brutlag/shutterstock.com

A cocktail as vibrant and delicious as a tequila sunrise should definitely be served at the Mamma Mia themed bachelorette party! Using just tequila, orange juice, and grenadine, this gradient beverage is picture perfect and tastes just as good.

Dancing Queen Daiquiri

Mamma Mia themed party - dancing queen daiquiriPhoto: Elena Veselova/shutterstock.com

If you need a cocktail or two before your inner dancing queen comes out, you’ll love a daiquiri! In a blender, combine your choice of muddled fruit with white rum, lime juice, simple syrup, and ice for a fruity and frozen cocktail option.

Fernando Fishbowl Cocktails

Mamma Mia themed party - Fernando fishbowl cocktailsPhoto: Brent Hofacker/shutterstock.com

It’s no secret that the Dynamos of Mamma Mia enjoy a tipple or two, especially a fruity cocktail. You can create indulgent concoctions in a fishbowl presentation, designed for your guests to grab and share. These outrageous beverages also give major vacation vibes–when in Kalokairi, right?

The Winner Takes It All White Wine Spritzers

Mamma Mia themed party - the winner takes it all white wine spritzersPhoto: Rimma Bondarenko/shutterstock.com

White wine spritzers are ideal for when you want to enjoy a glass of wine but have a lighter, fizzy version. You can even serve them as you screen the movie, giving your guests a taste of Greece topped with fizzy bubbles and fresh fruit. 

Our Last Summer Spritz

Mamma Mia themed party - our last summer spritzPhoto: Fusionstudio/shutterstock.com

The name of the game for a Mamma Mia party theme is spritzes. Keep the drink options light at this celebration by including a classic Aperol spritz on the cocktail menu. Combine Aperol, Prosecco, and soda water over ice for a summertime favorite.

Mamma Mia Themed Party Creative Details

Dancing Queen Invitations

Mamma Mia themed party - dancing queen invitationsPhoto: goldcatprints/etsy.com

Of course you’ll need to send out fabulous Mamma Mia themed party invitations—that’s what started it all! Set the tone for your Mamma Mia themed party with custom invites that include all of the movie musical details. Browse Etsy to find the perfect invitation for your Mamma Mia themed party.

Character Costumes

Mamma Mia themed party - character costumesPhoto: Glamour UK

A Mamma Mia themed party gives you the opportunity to go all-out fashion wise. You can choose from the style of modern-day, like Sophie’s flowy dresses, or indulge in seventies glam complete with shimmering jumpsuits and denim dungarees. We recommend beachy waves, floral accessories, and big, fabulous hats. These Mamma Mia theme party outfit details will definitely transform you into a dancing queen.

Donna’s Diary

Mamma Mia themed party - Donna's diaryPhoto: Amazon

Decorate your event with pages from Donna’s infamous diary, reminiscing on her adventures in love and life. These pages can be scattered across tables, available for guests to pick up and read. You could also give out replicas of Donna’s diary as party favors for guests to fill with their own fascinating life stories. 

Disco Balls

Mamma Mia themed party - disco ballsPhoto: lauachireca/shutterstock.com

Channel the energy from Sophie’s bachelorette party by following the call of the discoball, seventies style! Hang up this shining piece of decor that will reflect light and illuminate the dance floor all night long.

Themed Sign

Mamma Mia themed party - themed signPhoto: Amazon

Celebrate the guest of honor with a custom sign that doubles as a photo backdrop. Whether you choose the classic “dancing queen” phrase for a birthday party or “she found her honey honey” for a Mamma Mia themed bachelorette party, you’ll definitely want a playful sign to match the fun theme.

Wedding Flowers

Mamma Mia themed party - wedding flowersPhoto: Olga Zvorska/shutterstock.com

In tribute to Sophie’s wedding in Mamma Mia, you can incorporate a floral element into your party’s decor. Think flowing centerpieces for your tables and flowers ready to weave into your guest’s hair. These floral pieces can come in the colors of your choice, but romantic pinks and purples are always a good idea for a romcom.

Hotel Door Entrance

Mamma Mia themed party - hotel door entrancePhoto: Adisa/shutterstock.com

Create an entryway to your Mamma Mia party with the iconic blue door at Hotel bella Donna. Customize the sign to the guest of honor’s name to help celebrate the Mamma Mia themed bachelorette party or birthday.

Blues and Whites

Mamma Mia themed party - blues and whitesPhoto: Lynne2509/shutterstock.com

To best represent the colors of the Greek flag, incorporate blues and whites throughout your party decorations. We recommend blue linens with white plates as well as blue wine bottles to be used as centerpieces. And, don't forget some blue and white glitter within the party decor!

It simply wouldn’t be Mamma Mia without a little sparkle. Glitter is always a great incorporation into any celebration, and how you include it is totally up to you! You can go for glitter poppers, confetti, or even sequin backdrops for your event photos. These shimmering elements can totally transport you to the sunny glamor and beauty of Donna and the Dynamos heyday. 

Evil Eye Decor

Mamma Mia themed party - evil eye decorPhoto: DAWID DOBOSZ/shutterstock.com

If you’re not familiar with the evil eye, it’s a symbol known to protect against negative energy and bring good luck and fortune, plus it fits the blue and white color scheme perfectly. Incorporate this symbol into your balloon arrangements, wall hangings, or even give out evil eye jewelry for party favors.

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Published on 5/6/2024