Everything You Need for a Safari Themed Birthday Party

Calling all party animals for this safari themed birthday party!

Lauren Miolene


We’ve all been to dozens of kids birthday parties, and we can probably agree they get repetitive quickly. That's why it’s always best to have a fun and exciting theme to make it stand out from the rest. If you’ve ever thought about hosting a safari themed birthday party, take this as your sign to get adventurous!

If your kiddo’s birthday is soon, take a walk on the wild side this year by hosting a safari themed birthday party using creative ideas from The Bash. Start with an outdoor venue, live animals, and of course plenty of safari inspired food and drinks. Use our handy kids birthday party checklist as a guide, so you don’t miss a thing.

Keep reading for safari themed birthday party ideas…

Safari Themed Venue

You’ll want to establish a home base for this safari themed birthday party. We recommend keeping the festivities outside to enhance the adventurous setting.


Park venue safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Trong Nguyen/shutterstock.com

Having the safari themed birthday outside just makes sense, so take the party to the park! Visit your local park that has plenty of tables, a pavilion, and a play area to celebrate the guest of honor. The park is also the perfect location so guests have ample space to run around and play.


Backyard venue safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Ground Picture/shutterstock.com

You can never go wrong by hosting your child’s birthday party in your own backyard with the fresh air and sunlight. Sometimes the comfort of your own home makes the best party venue for everyone. Spend the day outside and easily transition the get-together inside depending on the weather.


Zoo venue safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: FamVeld/shutterstock.com

If your child is an animal lover, organize this birthday bash at the zoo. Contact zoos in your area to set up a tour with different event packages. Visit different  website to read about animal interactions, a private party space, and other fun surprises.

Safari Theme Party Outfit

You’re probably wondering what to wear for a safari themed party, and the answer is all in the details!

Safari Hats

Safari hats safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Daxiao Productions/shutterstock.com

Invite guests to bring their dress up safari hats or take a trip to your local party store to distribute at the celebration. Your child and their friends will love this special touch that will get them into the safari spirit and provide additional protection from the sun. This creative touch also doubles as a party favor!

Animal Print, Camouflage, and Neutrals

Safari clothing safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Master1305/shutterstock.com

Tap into the adventure for this safari theme with animal print, camouflage clothing, or neutral colors. Ask parents to dress their kiddos in these wild prints to help complete the safari aesthetic.

Safari Vests

Safari vests safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Daxiao Productions/shutterstock.com

To feel the part, guests will have to look the part. Stock up on children’s safari vests from Amazon so everyone can look like a wildlife explorer. These vests come complete with badges, patches, and plenty of pockets to keep some extra goodies in.


Binoculars safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: VP Photo Studio/shutterstock.com

To complete any safari ensemble, you’ll need a set of binoculars. Of course guests can bring their own pair if they have them, but you can also distribute them in goodie bags so they can be used during the party. Shop binocular party favors on Amazon so everyone can have their own set.

Safari Theme Party Entertainment

These safari theme party entertainment ideas are guaranteed to bring a roaring good time.

Live Animals

Live animals safari themed birthday party ideaVendor: NJ Snake Man

This safari party requires animals, we don’t make the rules! Take a look on The Bash for live animals that can make a special appearance at the birthday celebration. Communicate with different animal handlers to decide which types of animals make the most sense for the faux-safari party. Choose from monkeys, reptiles, and much more!

Find Live Animals

Bounce House

Bounce house safari themed birthday party ideaVendor: Top Line Party Rentals

The kids will feel like queens and kings of the jungle with an epic bounce house at the celebration. Browse various party inflatables including obstacle courses and waterslides that will match the safari themed birthday party. Jumping like kangaroos all day is the perfect way to release some of their energy.

Find Bounce Houses

Face Painters

Face painters safari themed birthday party ideaVendor: Painting Faces By Alecia

Let the kids (and adults) unleash their inner animals by transforming them into their favorites! Face paint artists on The Bash use non-toxic paint to turn guests into safari creatures like lions, and tigers, and bears—oh my!

Find Face Painters

Photo Booth

Photo booth safari themed birthday party ideaVendor: Caught Up In The Moment Photo Booth Services

A photo booth is exactly what this party needs to help create the safari feeling. Rent a photo booth for the day that will provide safari themed backdrops and props for an immersive wildlife experience.

Find Photo Booths

Food Carts

Food carts safari themed birthday party ideaVendor: Food Truck

Allow the kids the opportunity to try different foods from various types of carts. From cotton pizza, to snow cones, and even donuts, party guests will love the freedom of choosing their own party food. Book your child’s favorites on The Bash.

Find Food Carts

Safari Theme Party Activities

Incorporate these safari theme party activities that will keep guests of all ages occupied and entertained.

Mini Jeeps

Mini jeeps safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Hrytsiv Oleksandr/shutterstock.com

You’ll need some sort of transportation for this safari adventure! Charge up your child’s mini trucks and cars, or shop safari vehicles on Amazon for guests to drive around the yard in. Block off an area with plenty of space so parents can keep an eye on the little ones.

Animal Charades

Animal charades safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Sunflower Light Pro/shutterstock.com

Put everyone’s acting skills to the test! A few rounds of animal charades is the perfect activity for this safari themed birthday party. Write various safari animals on a piece of paper for guests to randomly choose and act out. Their friends will have a ton of fun guessing and laughing about what animal they are.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Robin Craig/shutterstock.com

Send the little explorers on a safari themed expedition during the party. Break everyone into groups, give them riddles to solve, and watch as they follow along to find the prize. You can keep this activity safari themed, but any type of scavenger hunt will work.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Rawpixel.com/shutterstock.com

Hosting your party outside means there will be plenty of space for all kinds of games and activities. Set up stations with things you probably already have like hula hoops, jump ropes, and other fun yard games that will keep everyone occupied.

Safari Theme Party Decorations

Get wild with these safari theme party decorations that will make this birthday extra special.


Balloons safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Olga Rotova/shutterstock.com

Any birthday party, especially a kid’s, needs balloons! Balloons are one of the best decor options because they are fairly easy to purchase or even assemble yourself. For this safari theme, use various shades of brown, green, and orange, or any other color you might find in the wild. You can also get balloons shaped like typical safari animals to incorporate. Details like this will help bring the wild theme to life!

Pro tip: Hire an event planner through The Bash that is an expert in assembling unique balloon arrangements.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: supanee sukanakintr/shutterstock.com

The key for any event decor is to make use of things you might already have. Incorporate your child's stuffed animals throughout the space to capture the safari theme. Find jumbo size plush animals including tigers, giraffes, and elephants that everyone will want to get a picture with.


Tableware safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Nigmatulina Aleksandra/shutterstock.com

One of the best places to incorporate themed decor for an outdoor party is on the tables. Whether you decide on multiple small tables or one large one, incorporate animal inspired tableware for guests to use. Shop animal print utensils, napkins, and tablecloths that will make the celebration pop.

For this safari, you can also use details like vines, pampas grass, and compasses for a wild dining experience.


Tents safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: BlueOrange Studio/shutterstock.com

Any experienced explorer most likely spends the majority of their time in a tent. Play into the safari theme by setting up tents in the outdoor space for a backdrop. Arrange a few blankets, pillows, and small activities like coloring books that will help keep everyone entertained.

Safari Theme Party Food and Drinks

Make sure there is plenty of fuel for the explorers at the safari themed birthday party.

Safari Themed Birthday Cake

Safari birthday cake safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Pedro Gutierrez-Bocci/shutterstock.com

You’re going to want to incorporate the safari theme into every party detail, including the cake. Place an order from your favorite bakery ahead of time to ensure there will be plenty of sugary animals, fake vines, and other wild accents on the birthday cake.

Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets

Dinosaur chicken nuggets safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: ArtCookStudio/shutterstock.com

Who says dinosaurs can’t be invited to the safari party? Chicken nuggets are one of the most loved kid’s foods that are easy to make because all you have to do is pop them in the oven! Serve with different sauces, french fries, and maybe some broccoli trees.

Trail Mix

Trail mix safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Darryl Brooks/shutterstock.com

It’s important that a safari explorer keeps plenty of snacks on hand that are easy to travel with, for example, trail mix. Make your own by purchasing a variety of nuts, dried fruit, and small candies. You can also set up a trail mix bar including separate ingredients so guests can make their own take home bag.

Mud Cups

Mud cups safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Elena Veselova/shutterstock.com

This dessert is a delicious DIY treat! All you’ll need to do is add crushed Oreos, gummy worms, and candy rocks on the top of a pudding cup to look like mud. If you don’t prepare these beforehand, kids will love decorating and customizing their own.

Ants on a Log

Ants on a log safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Brent Hofacker/shutterstock.com

One of the best snacks for kids usually incorporates them being hiddenly healthy. Make a childhood classic of ants on a log that will help fuel the little explorers during the safari themed birthday party. All this classic entails is spreading peanut butter on a celery stick, and topping with raisins. This snack is easy to customize because you can easily swap the peanut butter with hummus in case of any allergies.

“Jungle Juice”

Jungle juice safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Piotr Piatrouski/shutterstock.com

Whip up a big batch of kid-friendly jungle juice to quench everyone’s thirst. Add any ingredients you want; fruit juice, Gatorade, fresh juice, soda, the possibilities are endless. Serve in a beverage dispenser with a spout so kids will be able to easily refill their canteens. For an adults only drink, try adding champagne for a delicious and fruity mimosa.

Animal Crackers

Animal crackers safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Wirestock Creators/shutterstock.com

Who doesn’t love animal crackers? Arrange a platter of plain and frosted animal crackers with different types of dessert dip. Guests will enjoy this sweet treat by dipping their cookie in edible brownie batter, cookie dough, and cheesecake dip.

Banana Splits

Banana splits safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: joloei/shutterstock.com

This safari themed birthday party will make everyone go absolutely bananas! Your child and their friends will love a homemade banana split that is the perfect treat to end the day.

Safari Themed Party Favors

You’ll definitely want to toss a few of these safari themed party favors into everyone’s goodie bags.

Custom Canteens

Custom canteens safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Etsy

Once everyone RSVPs and the guest list is complete, place an Etsy order for customized canteens with everyone’s name. Kids will love having their own custom canteen to drink out of and make them feel like they are on a real safari.

Animal Bubbles

Animal bubbles safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Amazon

Little kids love bubbles, so give them their own to play with! Find animal inspired bubble bottles on Amazon for guests to use during and after the party.

Animal Ears

Animal ears safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Maryna_Auramchuk/shutterstock.com

Once the face painter turns the kids into their favorite animals, give them ears to match. Visit your local party store or place an online order for lion ears, tigers, giraffes, and more. Try to stock up on a variety so everyone can choose what animal they want to be.

1st Birthday Safari Theme Party: Wild One

Turning one year old is wild! That’s why “Wild One” is such a popular first birthday party theme. You can easily incorporate these same safari ideas into this milestone occasion, but you’re not going to want to forget these details.

Smash Cake

Wild one smash cake safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Tatevik Bagdasaryan/shutterstock.com

If you’ve seen kiddos go wild and destroy their gorgeous birthday cake, that’s exactly why smash cakes have become popular. Smash cakes are typically a smaller, homemade cake specially made for the guest of honor. After the proud parents help blow out the candle, let the one year old celebrate their special day with their own cake. It’s completely up to them if they play with it or eat it, but this way it saves plenty of birthday cake for the other guests to enjoy.


Photographer safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: yurakrasil//shutterstock.com

A first birthday only happens once, so you’re going to want to remember it forever. Hire a photographer to capture every detail: the decor, the cake, and of course all the smiling faces in attendance! Miss no photo opportunity with our helpful 1st birthday picture list for ideas.

Photo Backdrop

Photo backdrop safari themed birthday party ideaPhoto: Ligia Dias/shutterstock.com

You’re only going to be able to host a “wild one” themed birthday for your baby once, so make a photo backdrop for plenty of pictures. Create your own using a safari background, plush animals, and a big metallic “1” balloon. This backdrop will also act as a focal point in the party space.

Find more kids’ party ideas and inspiration here on The Bash.