Thanksgiving Party

Drew StogaContributor

Thanksgiving has to be one of the best holidays.  When else are you not only allowed to overeat, but expected to?  I think my mother would suspect that something was drastically wrong with me if I didn’t go back for seconds on Thanksgiving. While just about all of us love the food itself, not everyone can make it home for the big meal.  

Not only is traveling on Thanksgiving expensive, it is a hassle (think Planes, Trains and Automobiles).For those of you who can’t make it home or don’t have the culinary skill or interest to cook an elaborate Thanksgiving meal, we suggest a new holiday concept: the Thanksgiving Party. Take all the best parts of Thanksgiving - the food, the football, the cocktails - and skip the stressful parts – the family bickering, the cooking and the cleaning…and you have a Thanksgiving party!

Make it a pot luck affair or just order Chinese food.  There are no rules to a Thanksgiving party. If you will be skipping the cranberry sauce we suggest you serve Amaretto-Cranberry cocktails and if your not in the mood for roasting an entire turkey, how about a bottle of Wild Turkey instead? Also, every Thanksgiving party should have at least one person dressed in a turkey costume.

No matter what you plan this Thanksgiving, make sure that it is FUN.  That is the whole point after all, isnt it?

What are you doing for this Thanksgiving?