15 Virtual Birthday Entertainment Ideas for Kids

Virtual birthday parties call for extra exciting entertainment.

Lauren Miolene


If we could summarize 2020 in just a few words, it would probably be virtual EVERYTHING. This year will definitely be one to remember, so give your child the best online birthday party 2020 has ever seen with one of these virtual birthday entertainment ideas for kids. 

Many party vendors and enterainters have shifted their services to digital platforms due to COVID-19, allowing them to make appearances at special occasions virtually. Not sure which entertainment to pick that will keep the little ones happy and occupied during the online party—look no further.

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Here are 15 virtual birthday entertainment ideas for kids that everyone will enjoy.

Costumed Characters

Bring the magic and excitement of a costumed character to your child and their friends via video chat. Choose from superheroes, movie characters, or even schedule a visit from their favorite princess. As one of the most popular forms of entertainment for kid’s parties, costumed characters will brighten your little one’s special day by joining the video call.

Virtual Animals

A traditional petting zoo or safari party may not be possible right now, but can be altered for a virtual setting. Children love learning about new animals and seeing them up close, so consider booking virtual animals for parties for your little one’s special day.


Everyone loves getting their caricature drawn, and thankfully this form of entertainment is easy to incorporate into an online party! Many talented caricaturists can easily create digital drawings and send them to each guest after the online celebration. Friends and family in attendance will also love this virtual birthday party idea.


At this point in time, there are tons of magicians that specialize in hosting virtual magic shows. Leave your guests in awe with the special acts, illusions, and slight of hand tricks of a remote magician—the adults will love this virtual entertainment too.

Tik Tok Challenge

If hosting a birthday party for your pre-teen, you can’t go wrong with a Tik Tok dance challenge. Find step-by-step instructions, learn it together, and screen record the final product to share with your followers. A few of the most popular group dances to learn are Renegade, the Toosie Slide, and Blinding Lights.

Balloon Twisters

One of the most exciting activities at a birthday party is watching someone turn a balloon into your favorite animal or object. Take this favorite party activity online and get a balloon twisting lesson from a professional balloon twister. Party guests of all ages will love to learn this skill to try on their own.

Bake Some Treats

Include a simple recipe along with the party invitations and have your child bake a special birthday treat with their friends! We recommend making sweet treats like sugar cookies, brownies, or cake pops, and confirming there is adult supervision in every guest’s kitchen.


A birthday party classic that is a sure way to put a smile on everyone’s face! Browse through a selection of clowns that offer fun and entertaining activities for all little party goers. They can perform tricks, play games, and show off their unique talents through video chat.


Thanks to the magic of Zoom and screen sharing, playing Pictionary online is a breeze! Divide everyone into teams, choose an artist for that round, and select a word from a random word generator. This is a fun party game to get everyone involved while being online.

Singing Telegrams

The goal for any birthday party, especially this year, is to make the guest of honor feel extra special. Book a singing telegram for a customized performance and a special rendition of “happy birthday!” This classic form of birthday entertainment will be appreciated even more virtually.

Scavenger Hunt

Virtual scavenger hunts might just be an activity we continue, even when we can celebrate in person again. Find or create a list of objects for guests to find around their house, and the first one to find all of them wins. Take turns sharing the objects each round and keep track of points to send the winner a prize.

Movie Night

Pop some popcorn and “go” to the movies—virtually! Have each guest download a free movie watch app like TeleParty (formally Netflix Party) and choose a movie to watch together. There is even a group chat option to share your thoughts and reactions in real time.


Ventriloquists specialize in the magic of “stagecraft” which features them communicating through an inanimate object or a dummy. Book one of the talented ventriloquists to make an appearance at your online celebration.

“Among Us”

“Among Us” is an online, multiplayer game that has been around since 2018, but is now known as the game of the pandemic. In a space-themed setting, players take on two roles, Crewmates and Imposters. Virtual party guests will together as a team to eliminate the Imposters while completing tasks around the map.


An illusionist can take a full stage show that incorporates comedy magic, mind reading, illusions, and technology tricks into a virtual setting for your child’s birthday party. Illusionists are probably best for older children and pre-teens, but be sure to remind them not to try these tricks at home.

Having a virtual and socially distanced birthday party isn’t ideal for children, but it's the safest option for everyone right now. Until we can celebrate in person again, download a fun Zoom background, sing “happy birthday,” and let the virtual birthday celebration begin!

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Published on 12/14/2020