We Love the 90s: Birthday Party Theme

Chelsea PellegrinoContributor

Parachute pants, Fresh Prince, MTV, the Gin Blossoms... is there any decade better than the 90s? We say- “As if!”

Take a look around, and you’ll see that the era has taken today’s fashion, media and event space by storm (though as LL Cool J would insist, don’t call it a comeback.) You want to be trendy -we know you do-  so a 90s theme is the perfect fit for your next birthday bash! Here are 10 things for a party that Bayside High's cool crowd would rave over:

1. Mad Libs Invitation

Use everyone’s favorite fill-in-the-blank fun to invite Ross, Rachel, and all the rest of your friends.

2. 90s Attire Required

Source: Fashion Grunge

We’re talkin’ about all the plaid, overalls, chokers, JNCO jeans and light up sneakers you can find. 

3. Living Colors

Source: Kara's Party Ideas

The 90s were bright, so your party should be too! Neons, glowsticks, graffiti, the works. 

4. Decked Out Décor

Source: Pretty My Party via Pinterest

Be sure to incorporate all the familiar icons from the era – tape decks, CDs, boy band posters, etc. 

5. Totally Sweet Desserts

Source: 52 Kitchen Adventures

Take a page out of this baker’s book, and serve up some rad 90s sweets. These Pop rock cupcakes are our personal fav.

6. Cover Band

Source: 90s210 Band

Hire a decade cover group, like the 90s210 (get it!?) to rock the party. Be sure to have Hansen, 98 Degrees, Boyz II Men and all the other classics on the set list.

7. Slime Party Favors

Source: Oriental Trading

The electric green goo was a Nickelodeon staple, and toys like Slime, Gak and Ooze were on everyone’s birthday wish list.

8. Say Cheese, Yo!

Source: Etsy

A photo booth with 90s props presents the perfect take home souvenir.

9. Cool Cocktails

Source: Loverly

If you can get your hands on Surge before it makes it’s big return, awesome. If not, serve up nostalgic beverages like this Capri Sun Cocktail.

10. Celebrity Appearances

Source: Cher Impersonator - Steven Andrade

It’s not the 90s if you don’t have Britney Spears or Cher. If you’re into politics, how about a Bill Clinton? (Just don’t ask us for a Monica Lewinsky.) You can find other party theme ideas from The Bash!