Groovy Ideas for a Woodstock Themed Party

Vibe out with these Woodstock theme party ideas!

Marcella Breglia


Throw it back to the summer of ‘69 and totally chill out, because we’ve gathered far out  ideas for a Woodstock themed party. Grab your bell bottoms, dust off your guitar, and get ready for a party to remember! 

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, a bachelorette, or just throwing a groovy summer party, this theme will get everyone into the party spirit. From ideas like what to wear to a Woodstock themed party, to games and decorations, we have all the Woodstock party theme ideas you’ll need to get the festivities started. Get ready to celebrate the spirit of peace, love, and rock 'n' roll in true Woodstock style!

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Woodstock Theme Party Entertainment Ideas

Rock and roll all night long with these Woodstock themed party entertainment ideas! The good vibes will be flowing and the party spirit will be very much alive with the proper vendors. Whether you're dancing barefoot in the grass or jamming out with friends, these groovy entertainment options are guaranteed to make your Woodstock themed celebration one for the books.

Woodstock Inspired Tribute Band

Woodstock themed party - live musicVendor: Psychedelic Summer - Woodstock-Era Tribute Band 

Recreate the magic of the legendary performances with a talented group of musicians who specialize in capturing the sounds and spirit of the era. With a Woodstock tribute band, you will hear all the classics that will recreate the legendary Woodstock festival spirit. 

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Vintage Photo Booth

Woodstock themed party - Photo BoothVendor: The Booth Bus

With a rad vintage photo booth, you can transport guests to the 60s and let them immerse themselves into the decade with round sunglasses, flower crowns, and peace sign props. The groovy gear ready at the photo booth will pair perfectly with your woodstock themed party outfits! 

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AirStream Food Trucks

Woodstock themed party - food trucksVendor: Jeremiah’s Food Truck Co.

Add a touch of retro charm by inviting an Airstream food truck to the festivities. Channeling the communal and free-spirited atmosphere of Woodstock, these food trucks will be a fun and delicious gathering place for guests! Plus, who doesn’t love a trip to the food truck?

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Face and Body Paint

Woodstock themed party - face painterVendor: EMBELLISHED FX FACE & BODY ART 

Channel everyone's inner flower child with a face paint station at your Woodstock theme party! Nothing pairs quite as well with iconic Woodstock theme party outfits like bell bottoms, silk button-ups, and flower crowns than face and body paint. 

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Woodstock Themed Party Food

Take your tastebuds on a trip to upstate New York with classic festival bites. From American classics to vegetarian delights, we have the menu covered for your Woodstock themed party with these themed party foods! 

Burgers and Hot Dogs

Woodstock themed party - burgers and hot dogsPhoto: Piotr Piatrouski/

Serve up juicy burgers piled high with all the fixings! For those craving a plant-based option, offer hearty veggie burgers. And let's not forget the quintessential hot dogs, sizzling and charred to perfection, nestled in soft, fluffy buns. These festival classics are sure to be a crowd favorite. 

Vegetarian Menu 

Woodstock themed party - vegetarian menuPhoto: Prostock-studio/

Embrace the free-spirited nature of Woodstock with a vegetarian menu. Embrace the farm-to-table vibes with a colorful array of dishes that celebrate your vegetarian guests. Some of our favorites are pasta salad, veggies and hummus, or fresh chickpea wraps.

Flower Power Sandwiches

Woodstock themed party - flower power sandwichesPhoto: KvaS/

Bring peace, love, and flower power to your menu with flower cut out sandwiches. Make them simple like PB&J, cucumber and cream cheese, or whatever other fillings you prefer. All you will need are your favorite ingredients and a flower shaped cookie cutter. 

Tie Dye Cupcakes

Woodstock themed party - tie dye cupcakesPhoto: MYP Studio/

You’ll need to incorporate the classic tie dye pattern into your party, so why not the cupcakes? Whip up your favorite vanilla cupcake recipe, divide the batter into several bowls, and add drops of food coloring to mix different colors. Then, layer the multi colored batter in your cupcake wrappers that will bake up to be a totally far out dessert. Once frosted, garnish with edible peace signs and 60s inspired decor.

Woodstock Themed Party Drinks

Quench your thirst and raise a glass to the spirit of Woodstock with this lineup of groovy themed drinks! Every sip will transport you back in time to the legendary music festival, celebrating peace, love, and rock 'n' roll in true hippie style. 

Rainbow Sherbet Punch 

Woodstock themed party - rainbow sherbet punch

Add a splash of color and a burst of sweetness to your Woodstock themed party with this Rainbow Sherbet Punch by Bitz and Giggles! Serve it in funky glassware with colorful paper straws for an extra dose of retro flair.

Hippie Sangria

Woodstock themed party - hippie sangriaPhoto: Cabeca de Marmore/

Sangria is the perfect beverage to get into the Woodstock spirit. Infuse your favorite wine with a variety of fruit for a refreshing summertime drink that will make everyone feel groovy.

Groovy Green Smoothies

Woodstock themed party - groovy green smoothiesPhoto: Antonina Vlasova/

Get your groove on and start your party off right with Groovy Green Smoothies! Packed with vibrant green goodness and a burst of refreshing flavors, this nutritious drink will have you feeling energized and ready to conquer the day, Woodstock-style.

Woodstock Wild Berry Lemonade

Woodstock themed party - wild berry lemonadePhoto: nblx/

Quench your thirst with a burst of berry bliss with a Woodstock Wild Berry Lemonade! This refreshing and vibrant drink is a tribute to the iconic summer of '69, blending the sweet and tart flavors of ripe berries with zesty lemonade. This makes for a delicious summer drink that tastes good all year long. Feel free to spike this with vodka or gin for a refreshing cocktail, too.

Woodstock Themed Party Decoration Ideas

Transform your space into a magical paradise with these Woodstock themed party decoration ideas! Channel the iconic vibes of the music festival with colorful tapestries, tie dye fabrics, and more fun decorations that will evoke the psychedelic aesthetic of the 60s.

Bean Bags

Woodstock themed party - bean bagsPhoto: Andrew Angelov/

Embrace the laid-back vibes of Woodstock with bean bag chairs that invite guests to kick back and relax in style. Scatter oversized bean bags and psychedelic tapestries to create cozy and inviting seating areas where guests can unwind. 

Flower Power

Woodstock themed party - flowersPhoto: MagentaMoss/

Let the power of flowers bloom at your Woodstock theme party with flower power decorations. Create stunning floral centerpieces using a mix of daisies, sunflowers, and wildflowers displayed in vintage vases or mason jars decorated with colorful ribbons.

Pro Tip: Consider booking a florist to guarantee groovy floral arrangements for your Woodstock party theme.

Colorable Tablecloths

Woodstock themed party - coloring tableclothsPhoto: Jne Valokuvaus/

Add a touch of interactive fun to your Woodstock theme party with colorable tablecloths. Keep the kiddos, and even adults, entertained with an assortment of vibrant markers, crayons, and colored pencils to choose from. Let guests' inner artists run wild as they doodle, draw, and color their way back into the spirit of the 60s.

Woodstock Themed Party Games and Activities Ideas

Unleash your inner flower child and get ready for these fun and interactive party games and activities. Keep your guests entertained and immerse them in the retro vibes of the 60s with Woodstock party theme games and activities. 

Tie Dye Station 

Woodstock themed party - tie dye stationPhoto: Brook Nyree/

Set up a designated area and provide guests with plain white t-shirts, bandanas, tote bags, or any other fabric items they'd like to tie dye as a fun activity. This DIY station will have your guests creating colorful and groovy masterpieces that they can also take home as souvenirs. 

Campfire Sing Along

Woodstock themed party - campfire sing alongPhoto: MiniStocker/

Gather around the campfire and let the music fill the night air with a Woodstock inspired sing along. Ignite the spirit of togetherness and nostalgia as guests join in a communal circle around the crackling flames, where they will feel just like they are camping out at Woodstock. 

Jewelry Station 

Woodstock themed party - jewelry stationPhoto: LanaSweet/

Inspire the bohemian spirit with a  jewelry making station at your Woodstock themed party! Set up a colorful and eclectic corner where guests can unleash their inner artisans and craft their own unique pieces of wearable art. 

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Published on 2/8/2024