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How to Host an Awesome World Cup Viewing Party

Your guests will have a ball.

Grace Peisker


Need something to root for? The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup is here, and it this year it looks like the United States has a shot at winning big. FIFA ride-or-die viewers are getting ready to tune in to keep tabs on their favorite teams, or plan their own at-home viewing parties so they don't miss out on any action.

The tournament will take place in Lyon, France this year. As 24 teams battle it out to the glory of first place, all eyes will be on the major contenders: the United States, England, Germany and France among others.

Whichever team you’re rooting (read: screaming at the TV) for, we know you’ll be going all-out to support them. So get the face paint, buy those streamers—it’s time for a viewing party! Invite your friends, your family, the soccer group-chat, the neighbors. Brush up on your French, because while you may not be in Lyon for the final match, it will sure feel like it.

World Cup Food and Drink: DIY Concession Stand

Food and drinks should be themed, of course. Go for finger food classics such as wings, a veggie tray, sliders and hot dogs. If you want to get really cute with it, serve soccer player cake pops, soccer ball cupcakes, and Nutter Butter referees. If you prefer serving a more formal main course, consider catering cuisine from your beloved team’s country. USA? Have a go at some Soul food. Italia? Pasta, of course. Viva la France? If this caterer called Croissanteria doesn’t sound convincing to you, I don’t know what will.

To complement your delicious meal, either choose team-inspired cocktails or a water-break hydration station. A large-batch cocktail, like party punch, can easily fill a pitcher or water cooler, and then you don’t have to get stuck playing bartender and missing out on all the action.

World Cup Decorations: Make Your Own Clubhouse

Balloon garlands are one of the biggest party trends this summer, so why not try a soccer themed arch? Bonus points if the balloons look like soccer balls. To heighten team spirit, not only hang up some flags, but coordinate cutlery to team colors. Finally, invest in some spirit wear to show off everyone’s team picks.

World Cup Party Games: Activities for Everyone

Before the game or during commercials (when you’re not going over the latest big play), keep guests of all ages busy with different stations for activities. Create a face paint table or even hire a professional to turn your guests faces into canvases. To incite a little friendly competition, have guests participate betting scorecards. Round it all out with indoor/outdoor soccer nets to create a game of your own.