Host the World’s Best Elf Themed Christmas Party

Calling all cotton-headed ninny muggins!

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You did it! Congratulations! You found the world’s best Christmas party theme! Elf is a Christmas classic that has brought the holiday magic to homes for 20 years, so an Elf themed Christmas party is sure to have guests feeling holly and jolly in no time.

The best Elf party ideas are taken right from the movie! This is the perfect opportunity to sit down with a big mug of cocoa and watch to find party inpsiration. If you don’t have the time this holiday season to rewatch this classic, we’ve come up with the ultimate list of Buddy the Elf party ideas that are sure to spread the Christmas cheer.

Make sure to refer to our handy holiday party checklist and check it twice so you don’t miss any magical details.

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Santa Claus

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - Santa ClausVendor: A Special Visit From SANTA CLAUS

If you’re looking for an authentic Santa Claus that radiates jolly energy, you’ve come to the right place. The Bash has talented Santa characters in every major city that is ready to make your Elf themed party even more special. And don’t worry, our Santas don’t smell like beef and cheese.

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Buddy's Spaghetti

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - Buddy's spaghettiPhoto:

If you’re brave enough to try it, make a big batch of Buddy the Elf’s famous pasta. You’ll need spaghetti, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, Snow Caps, M&Ms, candy corn, Pop Tarts, and marshmallows. If you’re not a fan of mixing sweet with savory, you can always serve pasta for dinner and have plenty of these sweet treats for dessert.

Candy Cane Forest

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - candy cane forestPhoto: Brent Hofacker/

An easy decor option for an Elf themed party is recreating the magical Candy Cane Forest as an entryway to the venue. To bring this setting to life, line the pathway to your party space with candy cane lawn decorations. You can also include a Candy Cane Forest sign so guests know they’re about to immerse themselves into the story of Elf.

The World's Best Cup of Coffee

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - the world's best cup of coffeePhoto: Irina Gutyryak/

Buddy was welcomed to New York City with “the world’s best cup of coffee,” so get cozy at this Elf themed Christmas party with a hot mug full. Level up your coffee offerings by having whipped cream, crushed candy canes, and maybe different flavors of Baileys to give your coffee that extra Christmas cheer.

Pro Tip: Book a coffee cart to guarantee the world’s best cup of coffee at your holiday party.

Lego Building

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - Lego buildingPhoto: seaonweb/

You’re lying if you never wanted to visit Gimbels after Buddy turned it into a winter wonderland. Between the paper snowflakes, fluffy snow, and Etch a Sketch artwork, this department store was transformed into a Christmas paradise. One of the most special details that Buddy brought to life was the iconic New York City skyline built out of Legos. For a unique Elf party idea, gather guests to take part in a Lego building competition that will get everyone involved.

New York Theme

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - New York themePhoto: Luciano Mortula - LGM/

If you don’t have time to travel through the seven levels of the Candy Cane Forest, the Sea of Swirly-Twirly Gumdrops, and a walk through the Lincoln Tunnel, bring the New York City aesthetic to your Elf themed party. Start by featuring classic food carts serving hot dogs and pretzels, wear “I Heart NY'' apparel, and decorate your space with twinkling lights and street signs.

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins Games

Set up for plenty of Elf and reindeer games at this holiday get-together. Some of our favorite Elf party ideas and games include a cotton ball toss, pin the Elf hat on the Buddy, or Elf trivia! Put your movie knowledge to the test by quizzing guests on characters, the plot, and the actors.

Christmas Carolers

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - Christmas carolersPhoto: Canva

You know what they say, “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” So, Christmas carolers will make the perfect festive Elf party idea. Start your search to find caroling groups that will sing all the classics from Elf including “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, and many more holiday favorites.

Find Christmas Carolers

Green and Yellow Color Scheme

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - green and yellow color schemePhoto: Canva

Green and red is the classic Christmas color combination, but everyone knows Buddy the Elf’s iconic green and yellow outfit. While of course you can still incorporate your favorite Christmas decorations into the mix, stick to a primarily green and yellow color scheme to honor Santa’s helper. Use this for easy details like servingware, tablescapes, and balloons.

Cookie Dough Dip

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - cookie dough dipPhoto: Lemon Peony

Santa’s elves enjoy sticking to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup, but they also love cookies, especially cookie dough. Whip up a simple cookie dough dip like this one from Lemon Peony, or incorporate other flavors like chocolate and peppermint for a sweet party treat. Serve with wafer cookies, pretzels, and fruit to complete the festive dessert option.

Maple Bourbon Smash

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - maple bourbon smashPhoto: Brent Hofacker/

You can spike any beverage at this holiday party with maple syrup to make it Buddy the Elf approved, but you can’t go wrong with a classic maple bourbon smash to get everyone in the Christmas spirit—literally. You’ll need bourbon, maple syrup, lemon juice, fresh mint leaves, and club soda to mix up this perfectly sweet sip.

Paper Snowflake Decor

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - paper snowflake decorPhoto: Yusev/

Before the Elf themed Christmas party, get the white craft paper and scissors prepared to make plenty of paper snowflakes. This DIY craft is quick, easy, and you can’t mess it up! The beauty of snowflakes is that they’re all unique, so you can cut any sort of shape or pattern your heart desires. Hang up your masterpieces throughout the party space to add festive charm while staying with the Elf themed party aesthetic.

Christmas Costumed Characters

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - Christmas costumed charactersVendor: Dream Friends Entertainment

What’s an Elf themed Christmas party without a visit from Buddy himself? Browse The Bash to find classic Christmas characters like elves, reindeer, and other iconic figures to bring the Christmas magic to life.

Find Christmas Characters

Letters to Santa

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - letters to SantaPhoto: viktoria Potapova/

No matter how old you get, writing letters to Santa is always a fun Christmas activity. Feature a station at your party as a designated area to write your Christmas wish lists. Make sure to include paper, fun colored pens, envelopes, and of course, stamps! Complete the experience with a big red mailbox that will guarantee delivery to the North Pole.

Etch A Sketch Competition

You might not be able to recreate the Mona Lisa on an Etch A Sketch like Buddy the Elf, but this Elf themed party idea will definitely put your artistic skills to the test. Get a few Etch A Sketch tablets on Amazon for guests to draw their best Christmas pictures. To take this Elf themed party activity to the next level, you can challenge guests to draw the same thing or even set a timer.

Hot Cocoa

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - hot cocoaPhoto: Arina P Habich/

What’s more comforting than a cozy mug of hot cocoa? A DIY hot cocoa bar makes one of the best Elf Christmas party ideas. Set up a station for guests to dress up their cup before an Elf watch party or for dessert. Include fun toppings like marshmallows, candy canes, and Baileys for the adults!

Build Gingerbread Houses

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - build gingerbread housesPhoto: Leena Robinson/

Every party needs games and activities, so building gingerbread houses at this Elf themed party is the perfect way to celebrate. Purchase kits for guests and set up tables with all the supplies: candy, frosting, and gingerbread men. If you and guests enjoy a little friendly competition, time the activity to see who can build a Buddy inspired gingerbread house the fastest.


Buddy loved his time working in the mailroom of the Empire State Building. Between the singing and dancing, it was definitely a party. Incorporate this excitement into your Elf themed party by booking a DJ or even a karaoke DJ for plenty of singing and dancing. Bonus points if you request “Whoomp! (There It Is).”

Elfie Selfie Station

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - Elfie Selfie stationPhoto: Roman Samborskyi/

Photo booths make the ideal party detail because it provides entertainment while also giving party favors! Start your search on The Bash to find local photo booths to create an elfie selfie station. Include props like elf hats, presents, and a North Pole backdrop that will capture smiles, afterall, smiling is Buddy’s favorite.

Find a Photo Booth

Toll House Cookies

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - Toll House cookiesPhoto: The Image Party/

If there is one thing Buddy the Elf and us have in common, it’s our love for Toll House cookies. Premade cookie dough makes the perfect party snack because all of the mixing and measuring is already done, allowing you more time to work on other Elf movie party ideas. Thankfully, VCRs are a thing of the past so no guests will shove cookies into it.

Snowball Fight

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - snowball fightPhoto: MintImages/

Buddy and Michael bonded over their epic snowball fight in Central Park to take down those bullies. If you’re lucky enough for a white Christmas this year, invite guests outside for a friendly snowball fight. If it’s not cold where you live, you can get fake snowball fight kits on Amazon that are just as fun.

Movie Night

Elf themed Christmas party ideas - movie nightPhoto: Pixel-Shot/

Is it an Elf themed Christmas party if you don’t watch the movie to celebrate? Invite guests to wear their best Christmas pajamas, cuddle up, and get into the holiday spirit with Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf. Serve popcorn and plenty of sweet treats as the perfect movie snack!

Find more Christmas party ideas and inspiration here on The Bash.

Published on 12/1/2023