Astrology Themed Party: Ideas for a Pisces

It's Pisces season!

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Pisces, it’s time to start birthday party planning! February 18th through March 19th is all about this creative and empathetic water sign sign, so you’ll want to host an unforgettable birthday bash. You could even use our helpful checklist that will guide you every step of the way, so your birthday will be better than ever.

Dive into the classic traits of your astrological sign and try one of our six party themes so you can celebrate this year’s birthday in style. Pisces signs are typically imaginative and are in touch with their emotions, so keep reading for creative party themes.

Pro Tip: If you have a deep interest in all things astrology, consider booking an astrologer for your birthday party so guests can learn more about themselves.

Here are top birthday party themes for a Pisces…


birthday party ideas for a pisces - mermaidPhoto: Ruth Black/

Pisces are a water sign, so obviously you’ll want to choose a trendy mermaidcore theme for this birthday bash. With the recent live action version of The Little Mermaid and the popular 2000s movie, Aquamarine, the mermaidcore aesthetic isn’t going away anytime soon.

Transform your event space into a magical world under the sea with plenty of blue balloons and bubble machines. You could also hang green “seaweed” streamers from the ceiling so guests will feel like they are walking on the ocean floor. Serve sushi, seashell spritzers, and sand dollar sandwiches to incorporate the mermaid theme in your party treats.

To complete this Pisces birthday party perfectly, you could even book mermaid characters on The Bash. These event professionals are talented actors that will take your theme to the next level by taking photos with guests, interacting and mingling with everyone, or just add to the party atmosphere.

Mermaid Themed Party Guide

Princess Diaries

birthday party ideas for a pisces - Princess Diaries

Choose a nostalgic theme as a fun Pisces birthday party like The Princess Diaries. Take inspiration from the classic Disney movies to help plan an unforgettable get-together for a royal celebration.

For this special celebration, you can either opt for a formal ball or a princess pajama party with mattress surfing, obviously. Don’t forget to wear your tiara, serve plenty of Genovian pear cocktails, and order an M&M pizza.

What’s a Princess Diaries themed party without princess-approved entertainment to match? Get ideas straight from the movie like booking a singing pianist performance, a limo driver to give guests the royal treatment, and even hiring a caterer to whip up a Genovian inspired meal.

Princess Diaries Themed Party Guide


birthday party ideas for a pisces - OscarsPhoto: Faheem Salimullah/

The Oscars are on March 10th this year, which falls perfectly into Pisces season! Gather your friends for an Oscars viewing party with tons of details to turn this awards show into a unique birthday party theme.

You’ll definitely need a red carpet for this star-studded event, so give guests the royal treatment with a red carpet entrance into your venue. Decorate your space with velvet curtains, stage lighting, and you’ll want to serve classic bites and drinks including a charcuterie board, mini sandwiches, and plenty of champagne.

Every awards show has entertainment, so rather than watching it through the TV, bring the excitement to your very own Oscars birthday party. Consider booking a comedian to keep everyone entertained on commercial breaks, opt for live music or DJ, and you can even book a mobile bartender to keep the drinks flowing all night long.

Paint and Sip

birthday party ideas for a pisces - paint and sipPhoto: Alfonso Soler/

Pisces tend to be creative, so let the artistic juices flow at this birthday celebration with a classic paint and sip. Either go to your local studio or easily recreate this activity at home.

If opting to host a DIY paint and sip, you’ll want to get plenty of canvases and painting supplies from your local craft store. Next, set up a long table with settings for each guest and choose a picture you want everyone to recreate.

One of the most important parts of a paint and sip party is the sipping portion. Book a bartender to mix fun cocktails all night long, or you can even hire a sommelier to walk everyone through a wine tasting.


birthday party ideas for a pisces - FriendsPhoto: Krzysztof Stefaniak/

If your birthday is coming up and you’re a fan of the hit TV show Friends, now is the perfect opportunity to host a special themed birthday party for your big day. Luckily there are 10 seasons filled with ideas and inspiration for you to incorporate into your celebration.

For this Pisces birthday party, you’ll need to incorporate the iconic shade of purple into your decor like the balloons and table settings. In addition to Friends trivia and a few rounds of poker, serve food from the show like Joey’s meatball subs, Phoebe’s Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, and Rachel’s trifle. Rather than a traditional birthday cake, stay on theme and opt for a birthday cheesecake instead!

There are plenty of entertainment ideas to make this Friends party perfect for a Pisces birthday. Set the tone of the party with a throwback 90s band, channel Phoebe with a psychic, fortune teller, or even tea leaf reader, and of course you’ll want to book a coffee cart to serve Central Perk inspired drinks.

Friends Themed Party Guide

Movie Night

birthday party ideas for a pisces - movie nightPhoto: Olena Yakobchuk/

Pisces season falls right at the tail end of winter, so take advantage of the weather by having one final cozy night in to celebrate your birthday. You can never go wrong with a classic movie night filled with your favorite films.

Movie nights are a staple party theme that will never not be popular. Make your Pisces birthday party even more special by inviting guests to wear their favorite pajama set, order your favorite takeout, and choose your top movie picks.

Keep the party inside, but if the weather cooperates where you live, you could book an outdoor movie screen to make your party larger than life. Set up a fire pit, have plenty of blankets, and serve warm cocktails and hot chocolate.

Find more party theme ideas here on The Bash.

Published on 2/13/2024