Valentine’s Day Ideas You’ll Actually LOVE

Candy and flowers just aren't going to cut it anymore.

Rachel Baron


Cue the Jaws music.

It’s coming.

That’s right – it's almost Valentine’s Day. But there’s no need to be terrified.

The expectations are high. Dating someone for two years? Married for five? Either way, candy and flowers aren’t going to cut it anymore. Don’t just write off the day as another cheesy holiday - it means something! It's a day to celebrate love, and your significant other is expecting something special.  

Forgo the Flowers - Be Unique! 

“Flowers from the grocery store? Again? You shouldn’t have.” No. Really. You shouldn't have. Get creative!  Was your wedding song Love me Tender? Hire an Elvis impersonator to serenade your loved one.  For a more magical evening, consider hiring a Magician to do tricks over dinner.

Need more inspiration? Check out these unique ideas

Classmates, Candy, and Crushes 

Even kids are in on the Valentine’s Day. But it can be way more about cute cards and candy! Channel your crafty side with kid-friendly Valentine's ideas like “hearty” snacks and Cupid-worthy crafts.  

Say Anything with a Song 

Create an awesome playlist of your beloved’s favorite love songs. We’ve created our own romantic playlist should you need inspiration.

Now that we’ve armed you with bows and arrows, shoot for the stars and make the most of this year’s Valentine’s Day. 

The Anti-Valentine's Day Party

Single? Or married so long that you're "over it"? You can still use the occasion as a good excuse to celebrate! Host an Anti-Valentine's Day Party.  If you’re single, invite the girls or guys over for a get together. Watch a chick flick, play poker or go all out and hire a tarot card reader to predict when that someone special will enter your life.  

Do something different this Valentine's Day. Let us help!