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15 Cult Movie Party Ideas

Terri Zimmer


Some movies are so amazing, you can watch them again and again and again - until you start quoting them in casual conversation. You're not alone. These movies are called cult movies for a reason - those who love the same movie have a similar (maybe slightly warped) shared mindset, heavily influenced by the film.  

Celebrate your favorite film by throwing a cult-movie inspired party. We've seen kids' parties, costumes parties, and even weddings that center around classic film favorites. 

So what will you need?There are a few basic elements to throwing a movie-themed party

1. Project the Movie: You'll want the movie to be a part of the party. A big screen TV will work, but projecting the movie on a big wall is impressive and makes a big impact. 
2. Creative Costumes: Make this a must for maximum impact. Many movie costumes aren't really too involved and can be easily recreated with some wardrobe staples. 
3. Quotes & Big Moments: Half the fun of cult movies is knowing all the key quotes. Use them on printed signs as decor, or have everyone raise a glass in recognition when these fabled lines and memorable moments occur on-screen

Need some inspiration for a costume party or a funky theme for your next big bash? Sure, you can hit up the regular go-to movie franchises like Harry Potter, Star Wars, or James Bond, or you can check out our list of cult movies worth celebrating.

The Big Lebowski

Mix up some White Russians, lace up your bowling shoes, and prepare to abide. 

Photo Credit: Quotessays.com

The Shining

Tense, suspenseful, and all out terrifying. You'll never look at a long hotel hallway the same way again

Photo Credit: Quick Flix

Blade Runner

A Sci-Fi classic set in a dingy dystopian future where replicants fight for their lives

Photo Credit: FanPop.com

Anchor Man

Grab your scotchy scotch schotch and stay classy for one of the most quotably silly battle-of-the-sexes movies of all time

Photo Credit: Quick Meme


Plug in and dial up for this epic 90's drama featuring a young Angelina Jolie and bleach blonde Johnny Lee Miller as clever cyber punks


Photo Credit: Red Bubbleda

Tommy Boy

Grab some ketchup packets, a little coat, and hit the road with the top down for the  ultimate in comedy road trip movies. 

Photo Credit: Quick Meme

Pee-wee’s Big Adventure

A sweet story about what happens when a bully comes between a boy and his bike. If you remember anything, remember The Alamo.

Photo Credit: IMGFave

The Blues Brothers

Even not-so-good guys can be on a mission from God. Orange Whips, anyone?

Photo Credit: MemeCrunch

This is Spinal Tap

Quote along with this mockumentary of a mock-worthy band who takes themselves more seriously than anyone else. 


Photo Credit: Wikipedia 

The Shawshank Redemption

A heartfelt story of well...redemption. You'll never look at a poster the same way again.

Photo Credit: Film Inspiratif

Pulp Fiction

Quintessential Quentin Tarantino: mystery, violence, tension, clever dialog laced with f-bombs and a legendary dance scene. Try not to get to upset that pretty much every milkshake is a $5 milkshake these days.


Photo Credit: The Daily Quotes

Mean Girls

Break out the Burn Book and relive high school drama and sober Lindsay Lohan. Don't forget, if your party is on a Wednesday, we wear pink. 


A Clockwork Orange

Desensitize yourself even further by indulging in a little ultraviolence. Not for the weak hearted, but a classic Kubrick tale of duality and a film buff must-see (no matter how hard it is to watch).


Photo Credit: Style Circle 


A dark dark 80's comedy about suicide? How very...


Photo Credit: Tumblr

Starship Troopers

Do your part! Spiders will be the least of your worries after you see some of the bugs in this movie. (Also be on the lookout for a post-Doogie, pre-Barney Neil Patrick Harris) 


Photo Credit: DSO.co.UK


Cult Movie parties can be complicated to throw - especially if you plan to show the movie. Work with an event planner to help set up your space and throw a Hollywood-worthy party. 

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