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2013 Halloween Costume Trends

Chelsea Pellegrino


It's one of the most terrifying questions you'll have to answer this fall season: "What will you be for Halloween!?" Perhaps we can help. We've done some research, and have compiled a list of our predictions for the most popular Halloween costume trends for the 2013 season. From TV chemists to movie minions, expect to see these 5 things roaming the streets this Halloween:


Photo credit: babesinhairland.com

5. Minions With the return of Despicable Me, "minions" are an ever popular Halloween pick this year. The best part is, they are so easy to make! Yellow beanies, hard hats or hooded sweatshirts create their signature shapes. Add some black yarn or pipe cleaners for the tufts of hair. To create their trademark goggles, you can wrap glass frames in tin foil, or buy a ready-made pair from Toys R Us! Denim overalls complete the look. Now your little minions will be ready to take over all of the candy in town!    

4. Gatsby Glamour 2013 is the year of the Gatsby, and Halloween is no exception. Flapper dresses, linen suits and lots of glitz will bring swing to your costume. To take on the image of Jay Gatsby himself, wear a tux and cuff-links. Don't forget to carry a cane and call everyone an "old sport." For a laid back Nick Carraway image, go for a tweed button down vest over a collared shirt. Add a flat cap and you're ready to roll!    alt

Photo credit: buzzfeed.com, pinterest.com/ams138 

3. Breaking Bad This AMC series triumphed at the Emmy Awards, and it's sure to be a winner at any Halloween party. The show's dynamic characters are very easy to recreate yourself. A bright yellow Hazmat suit and chemistry goggles complete the look of "chef" Walter White. You can even throw on a button down and khakis, a bald head cap and a fake beard to recreate his home life look. Convince a friend to wear a  beanie and baggy clothes, and accompany you as partner Jesse Pinkman.    

2. Train-wreck TV Stars  A new year, a new set of celebrities to mock. This year, Miley Cyrus and Amanda Bynes are taking the cake. Between Miley's outrageous MTV Video Music Awards performance, and Bynes's downward spiral broadcasted via Twitter - the pair certainly makes for easy Halloween costume targets. For Miley, simply don a silver leotard, a large foam finger and red lipstick. Don't forget to twist your hair into two buns! To recreate Amanda, a messy platinum blonde wig and black Ray-Ban style sunglasses are all you need.


1. Extreme Makeup! The complexity of Halloween makeup has skyrocketed this year. Costumes like scarecrows, dolls, zombies and even comic books figures are more realistic than ever. If your artistic skills can use some improvement, have no fear! A face painter can help you create the coolest costume around. You can find one here.   Whether you're picking one of these awesome get-ups, or creating one of your own, we hope to have provided some Halloween inspiration!