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2014 Wedding Trends

Marta Block


Every year wedding bloggers and reporters come out with what they think will be the big trends for weddings. Here’s what wedding experts are predicting for this year:


Think Pink
Wedding dress designers and bloggers have been trying to move brides out of the white zone for years. Try as they might red and black wedding dresses never really took hold. But pink, with its association with romance and femininity may just have a chance. Look for pinks and blushes to show up not just on brides and bridesmaids but in décor as well. Pantone’s Color of the Year this year is Radiant Orchid, a slightly darker version of this wedding color.


Woodland Wonderland

For years outdoor weddings were seen as more casual and relaxed, a return to nature. This year’s outdoor weddings (inspired by Sean Parker’s 2013 extravaganza) are less about relaxation and more about romance and amazement. A woodland wonderland might just be a great place to wear your romantic pink dress. Remember though, any outdoor wedding creates additional issues for your vendors, especially the entertainment, so plan carefully.


The 1990s Called …

Most styles run in 20-30 year cycles, think of how big the 1950s were in the 1970s. The timing is right for a 1990s revival. Think neon, crop-tops (even on brides), breakdancing and even grunge.


The Never Ending Story

The after-party has been a controversial trend for a few years now. Joining it is the pre-party, and the pre-wedding hike, and the pre-wedding salon day, and the post-wedding brunch … Many couples don’t want to waste a minute of precious time with their far-flung friends and family, but keep in mind that your friends and family might not want to join in every event.


Plug In/UnPlug
If you attend four weddings this year don’t be surprised if two of them provide you with a hashtag to use and a charging station for your phone and two of them ask you to check your phone at the door. Couples are flocking towards both extremes in equal numbers. Decide which way you want your wedding to go, and if you’re the guest, obey the rules.


Photo Booths and Photo Bombs
Photo booths have been steadily gaining in popularity for years and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Instead look for props to get more fun and outrageous. You may even see a few video photo booths cropping up (get it, photo cropping?). In general brides and grooms are taking a more relaxed approach to photography with fewer staged, formal shots and more shots capturing the mood of the event.



The Untrend
There are millions of weddings a year, not every wedding is going to follow every trend. If you have an idea you like, don’t feel constrained by what others say is trendy. Conversely, if you like a trendy idea, don’t feel like you can’t do it just because others will.