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5 Tax Deductions for Your Wedding

Marta Block


If you waited until today to file your taxes, you aren't alone. If you're looking ahead to next year and wondering if there's any way you can still afford your wedding you may want to check out some of these ways to turn parts of your wedding in to a tax deduction. Remember, at GigMasters we know entertainment, not taxes! Make sure to check with your accountant or lawyer before putting any of these suggestions in to play.

1. The Venue

If you're getting married in a museum or other non-profit institution part of the cost of the venue may be tax deductible. Make sure to check with the site. If you're getting married at a church or other house of worship the cost may also be deductible.

2. Party Favors

Instead of Jordan Almonds (however appropriate they may be) consider making a tax deductible donation, some organizations even provide cute cards to let your guests know that you made a donation in their honor. Keep in mind that any donations people make in your name as a gift to you can not be deducted on your taxes.

3. Leftovers

Donating left over flowers or food to a local organization is tax deductible. You'll need to do some research to find a place that will accept the donations.

4. Your Dress

If you donate your dress to a not-for-profit, you can deduct the resale value of the dress.

5. Special Cases

If you're a wedding or event professional (including an entertainer), you may be able to deduct some costs as business expenses. This is definitely something you'll want to discuss with your tax attorney or accountant though. If your honeymoon can double as a business trip, you may also  be able to deduct some costs, but make sure to keep your records.