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50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Marta Block


Today's real party post has a special place in my heart. It's not just because it's at one of my favorite restaurants, Hillbilly Tea in Louisville, KY, but because it's my parents' 50th anniversary party. On the wedding blog I often remind couples that if they're planning a holiday wedding that means they'll have a holiday-time anniversary every year, which can make planning difficult.

This has certainly been the case for my parents, their anniversary is December 23rd. It's especially tricky because we don't celebrate Christmas. But, I like the way this party feels festive and holiday-like without feeling like a holiday party. If you'd like to find some other theme ideas, check out The Bash.

Hillbilly Tea Restaurant

flowers and drink menu napkins in gold and green guests at party

party guests kids

small flowers Christmas tree at restaurant

picture of large family

70 year old couple at party

CREDITS: Venue: Hillbilly Tea Photographer: Ashley Stinson, Stinson Photography Florist: Green Lady Studio