A Bollywood Bling Party


My husband is not big on desserts, but very big on Indian food. So for our wedding anniversary we decided on a Bollywood themed buffet complete with homemade curries and an Indian-style desserts table filled with sweet treats fit for a Maharajah!  

Party Details:

Some of the sweets I made myself, like the gulab jamun. Other more elaborate sweets such as the oriental petit fours, I bought from our local oriental shop. I also made all the curries and sides, mango Laassi, which is kinda of an Indian take on a milk-shake  - It was very refreshing and quite thick, with real chunks of mangoes. I served them in little colored cups I bought at a French version of the pound or dollar shop.

This orange "alien-looking" thing is called Jalebi and it's an Indian sweet made by dropping swirls of batter into hot oil. It's colored with saffron but way too complicated to make, so I bought ready-made. It's very sugary, but stays crispy on the outside and very traditional in Indian dessert tables. In addition to the party favor sweets, I also made some Spicy Mango Chutney for the guests to take home - We also had some on the day, so I liked the idea of the guest taking some home to enjoy the party a little longer!


By the entrance which leads to our courtyard, I placed a well wishes tree - I say tree...It was a couple of branches I sprayed silver. I then decorated the branches with some small crepe paper flower similar to the colored paper pom-poms above the desserts table. Our guests were then encouraged to leave well wishes or "word of wisdom" hehe and hang them on the tree. This makes for a nice memento of the day for us...

Oh, one thing I used that made all the difference to the tables were pieces of mirrored tiles (From local hardware store) I used as serving trays. This allowed more light to be reflected and looked really stunning with candles on them too - And of course I had to have colorful little birds everywhere!!

GigMasters Editor's Note: To make your Bollywood party even more authentic, consider hiring a Henna Artist to design beautiful tattoos on your guests. You could also plan a special performance from a Bollywood dancer to add some dazzling entertainment.

Party styling, printables and photography: Bird's Party