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A Venue For Every Performer With Guest, InstEvent

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


You have found the perfect performer through GigMasters - now you just need the space to showcase that entertainer. Our post today comes from Kelsey Recht, Founder of InstEvent, an innovative venue booking service in New York City. Here she shares some tips to consider when choosing a venue to showcase your top-notch talent. 

The ABCs of Venue Selection: Let’s start with the ABCs of selecting a venue for your event. Once you jump through these three hoops, you will have accomplished half the battle.

A - Ambiance: Start by narrowing down your event vision. Do you want classic or unique?  Upscale or casual? Will guests be sitting or standing? Will you require a cocktail hour followed by dinner? Thinking through your event goals first will save you time later.

B – Budget: Everyone loves The Ritz but not everyone can afford it. Set your budget before you start looking to make sure you don’t fall in love with a venue out of your price range. There are beautiful venues for all budgets.

C – Capacity: The fastest way to narrow down venues is to exclude any venues that won’t fit your group. Capacity for event spaces typically comes in three forms: standing cocktail reception, seated dinner and cocktails, and seated dinner & dancing.  Know which group you fall into first by doing your homework from Step A. You can then ensure you have room for your 200 guests for a seated dinner followed by dancing. 

Ensure a Standing Ovation for your Entertainer: Now that we have gone over the basics, it’s time to ensure the space will allow your entertainer to give a great performance.

Bands Bands can get the party hopping but they also require a lot of space. Make sure your venue has room for the band to set-up and guests to dance. A stage is always a plus to keep your guests away from the instruments. Also, many spaces do not have the right equipment for a band so make sure you determine whether the band needs to bring their own before the event.

DJs DJs pump the bass, but not all sound systems can handle it.  Many bars and clubs already have built-in DJ booths.  However, the average loft or event space’s sound system will likely require that the DJ bring all his or her own equipment. Remember, a blown speaker can kill the vibe quickly.

Singers & Ensembles - With many singers or ensembles the focus is on the beauty and quality of the sound. Poor acoustics can kill a performance quickly. Live music venues and open event spaces are usually a good acoustical bet, but the small restaurant or bar may not be. For best results, ask the venue what live acts have performed in the space at prior events.

Variety Performers – Variety entertainers are versatile – they can work the room or perform in front of a larger audience. Decide the performance set-up first to ensure the space can handle it. Working the room requires easy circulation for the performer. The largest concern for a performance is a clear line of sight for your guests - a stage can go a long way to elevating the act.

Read up on more venue tips and tricks from InstEvent’s event mavens here.  Also, if you are in the New York area check them out to book your next event space. Additional cities coming soon.

What other tips do you have for selecting the perfect party venue? Let us know in the comments below.