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After the Wedding: Planning Withdrawal

Drew Stoga


In the months, weeks and days leading up to your wedding, there never seems to be enough time to get everything done.  Many brides and grooms-to-be (not to mention their close friends and relatives) spend their engagement completely wrapped up in planning the big day.

But what happens after the wedding day finally comes…and goes?  Many couples experience some sort of post-wedding blues.  These feelings may kick in after returning home from the honeymoon, after finishing the last Thank You note, or upon returning to work.  After so much time spent focusing on a single event, it is not too surprising to think that you might be a bit bummed once it’s all over.

There is no need to worry, however, if you are experiencing wedding planning withdrawal.  You are not alone and it is a very treatable ailment.  Here are a few ideas to help ease you into matrimony and kick those post-wedding blues:

    • Get Involved – After spending the last few months focusing on yourself and your event it might feel good to lend a hand to a local charity.  Helping others will make you feel better about yourself and help you shake off the guilt over all the cash you dropped on the wedding cake.
    • Get Out! – A lot of couples are too busy planning (and saving) in the months prior to their wedding to spend much time with friends.  Now that the big day has passed, you have a chance to catch up over dinner, drinks, dancing or whatever it is you crazy kids like to do.
    • Stay In! – On the other hand, you did just get married.  The wedding was one day but the Marriage is forever.  Hunker down at home and spend some time focusing on one another.
    • When In Doubt – Plan! - We have heard from plenty of couples who so enjoyed planning their wedding that they want to get started on the next big event.  If you need inspiration (or just an excuse to party), check out our Events page for some event ideas.  Also remember – you don’t need even need a reason to throw a party.  If you plan it, they will come.

    Do you or someone you know suffer from post-planning blues?  Let us know your thoughts on how to treat this all too common ailment.

    Happy Planning!