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Boost Company Morale With A Dynamic Themed Event

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


With the economy taking a plunge two years ago, companies were forced to reevaluate spending. The initial reaction by many was to cut out any extras that were not absolutely vital to the business. So when companies looked to “trim the fat” out of their budgets, that also meant cutting out the fun.

Corporate events and company holiday parties were eliminated by businesses both big and small. The plummet in the economy was so scary that employees were able to overlook the memo that the annual company picnic was cancelled, because it did not hit their desk with a pink slip. Now in 2011 it seems that we have settled into this “new” economy. With what we hope is the worst behind us, many companies are realizing that they need to give back to their employees and celebrate that they have made it through a few very tough years.What better way to boost morale and build camaraderie in the office than to throw a party?

With a current resurgence of company gatherings, many are faced with the daunting task of planning on a tight budget. How do you plan a fun-filled corporate event without breaking the bank? We have two words for you: Theme Party. Rather than renting out that swanky restaurant or spending a fortune on a ritzy catering hall, put on your creativity cap and come up with a great theme party. Theme functions do not have to cost a lot, they just have to be rich with creativity. Creating a theme event where people must participate and interact will surely make it more memorable, and you will hear your co-workers saying great things on Monday morning at the water cooler.

The key to theme parties is making sure that you are able to carry the theme all the way through. That means that décor, food, drinks and entertainment should all be a part of the overall theme. And of course getting your employees to dress the part will also add an extra element of fun. So you like the idea but you are not sure which theme would be best for your company…well, check out our list below. We here at GigMasters can provide you with some theme based entertainment suggestions that would be sure to wow your guests! Vegas Night Elvis Impersonators, Celebrity Lookalikes and Cabaret Dancers Carnival Party Contortionists, Snake Charmers, Stilt Walkers and Sword Swallowers Hawaiian Luau Fire Eaters, Hula Dancers and Ukulele Performers Magical Moments Illusionists, Magicians, Mind Readers, Palm Readers and Fortune Tellers Fiesta Party Mariachi Bands, Latin Dancers and Salsa Dancers Patriot Party Jugglers, Balloon Twisters, Caricaturists, and Temporary Tattoo Artists Comedy Show Comedy Groups, Comedy Hypnotists, and Comedy Magicians.

Now that you have your theme in mind and know your entertainment options, the next step is finding fabulous décor that will also fit within your budget. Well, we have you covered. There are many great party supply sites out there, start your search by visiting these sites for affordable party decorations for any theme event: OrientalTrading.com PartyCity.com Shindigz.com WindyCityNovelties.com Ziggos.com

With your theme picked, entertainment booked and décor ordered, your event is really taking shape. All you have to worry about now is food and drink. Make sure you put together a food and beverage menu that goes with the theme. It will be the finishing touch to perfecting the experience for your company celebration. Now that you have the main elements of a great theme party taken care of all you have left to do is execute.

Planning a great company party isn’t really that hard now is it? Remember, an imaginative corporate function does not have to put you in the red, but it is a great way to bring employees together and show them that you care.

A little corporate fun can go a long way. With happy employees productivity may rise and take your business to another level!