Bridesmaids, Is it Really That Bad?

Marta BlockContributor

The new movie Bridesmaids is opening this weekend. It's supposed to be hilarious. Over the past few years the idea that it sucks to be a bridesmaid has become a pop culture staple.  Movies like 27 Dresses make it seem like a non-stop orgy of ugly dresses, spending money you don't have and being forced in to crazy DIY projects. These days there are even professional bridesmaid consulting businesses. I've been a bridesmaid four times, and I actually liked it. Of course, my friends are not crazy, so I didn't have to put up with a lot of the stuff that people complain about.

I also really like weddings. Mainly though, I liked being asked. I liked that being a bridesmaid was a special way to show that even though we were getting older and getting married, we still needed our friends.  I will say though, I do have three ugly dresses sitting in my parents' attic. Seriously, ugly.

What do you think? Is being a bridesmaid really as bad as movies make it out to be?