Budget Kid's Party Tip: The Party Cut

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


Food can take a big chunk out of your kid's party budget. At GigMasters we don't like anything taking too big a chunk out of the party budget, because we want to know that there's money left over for entertainment! A few weeks ago Sally from Real Mom's Nutrition gave us some great ideas for budget friendly healthy snacks to serve. This week, we've got a tip that's great for both your financial and your literal "bottom" line.

The two most common party foods, pizza and cake, tend to come in circles.  Sheet cakes are easier to cut small pieces out of than round cakes, but you often wind up with too much cake (which of course, you then feel compelled to eat late at night). To cut small pieces out of a round cake, simply cut a circle around the middle of the cake, and then cut smaller pieces from the edge (see the diagram below). This has the added benefit of leaving you with a nice, small extra round cake to take home for your child.

round cake cutting guideFor pizza, ask your local pizza place if they can do a "party cut" or "square cut" on a thin crust pizza (see image below). This is very common and controversial in Chicago (see the Party cut pizza sucks FB page for proof), but may not be something your local pizza place is familiar with. If the pizza place can't or won't comply, consider asking them to leave the pizza uncut, and doing so yourself.

pizza cut in square pieces

For more great kids' party ideas, visit our Kid's Party Page. Let us know what kinds of tips you're looking for in the comments below.