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Budget Wedding Doesn't Mean Cheap

Marissa Latshaw


If you're newly engaged and starting to freak out about wedding costs, you're not alone. "Budget weddings" are all the rage. And, "budget" definitely doesn't mean cheap -- it means coming up with creative ideas to work with the resources you have.

I'm so inspired by the 13,000+ brides and grooms who have booked their wedding entertainment with us this past year. They are certainly feeling the budget crunch, spending on average $749, 8% less than in 2008. What's great is that they're finding unique ways to use entertainment to create a one-of-a-kind wedding day.

We recently released a study that shows just how this tough economy has impacted wedding entertainment choices. Some findings:

    • 17% more couples are choosing variety acts like Elvis impersonators, magicians, and belly dancers.
    • Solo acts like acoustic guitarists and harpists are up 44%.
    • More couples are asking their reception entertainment to break down into smaller groups for the ceremony and cocktail hours.

    To see the complete study, click here.

    And, we want to thank all the sites who featured the findings from our study. Here's a few...we couldn't list them all!



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