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Is this THE Summer of Celebrity Weddings?



Dare I say that this is shaping up to the be the wedding summer of the century? What with the Royals (double-dose) and Kim Kardashian about the set the aisle a-flame (that’s what I hear will happen, she will actually ignite to be the ultimate “hot bride”), you’re probably dizzy from all the celebrity wedding news reports out there. It’s a regular tornado-of-tulle.

So, the good folks at W magazine have culled the “Top Ten Outrageous Celebrity Weddings” EVER for your reading pleasure. Normally, this would just be easy-reading, but what struck me about this list were how many of the people were musicians. Not to get into the particulars but Liza Minelli, Kid Rock, Celine Dion and Britney Spears all made the list…prompting the question – are musicians just plainly more outrageous than us regular folk? Magic Eight Ball say, “Likely.”

Further, are true adoring fans of said outrageous musicians prone to have outrageous weddings themselves? Magic Eight Ball say, “Ask Again Later.”

Use the comment field to tell us your wedding song and outrageous wedding story in the spirit of the 2011 summer wedding season!