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Your Wedding Day, Creative Ways to Document the Fun

Marta Block


Amazing wedding photographer?  Check.

Expert wedding videographer?  Check.

What else?  When your walk down the aisle is far behind you, the only tangible reminders of the day will be your pictures, video and guestbook.  Consider these additional ways to make memories of the day.

When guests step into a photo booth they leave their inhibitions behind, and the resulting images are a unique add-on to wedding day photography.  A photo booth brings instant fun to the reception and presents a great social opportunity for guests as they wait their turn and compare photo strips.  Check out the GigMasters list of photo booth rentals to find one near you.

There was a time when disposable cameras on every table were de rigueur at weddings, but mediocre image quality and sloppy shots leave plenty to be desired.  For a more current option, consider stationing digital video recorders at every table, or ask iPhone-toting guests to take pictures using the Hipstamatic app, which mimics the unpredictable look of vintage toy cameras.  Be careful though. Many officiants think it's best to leave the ceremony photographs to the professionals. Having guests take pictures during your ceremony can be distracting and disrespectful.

How likely are you to read a conventional guestbook?  Many couples opt for a signature frame instead.  This signature fingerprint tree is a beautiful and unpredictable guestbook alternative, and you’ll have a gorgeous piece of art to showcase in your home.

When it comes to documenting your wedding, more is definitely more, so don’t hold back and have fun!