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Divorce Parties, a New Wedding Trend?

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


It's a sad but true fact that while every wedding starts off as "forever," not all of them make it. While most divorces are personal tragedies, they've actually turned in to big business for more people than just lawyers. It started with divorce cakes, divorce rings, and even little coffins for wedding rings. The newest trend may be divorce parties.

People pull off this kind of party in a variety of ways. For example, if you have gone through a messy split and just want to get back into the single swing of things you should throw a party celebrating all things you!  Plan something that you enjoy with the people who are fixtures in your life and know how to have a good time.  A divorce party could be a great chance for you to celebrate your newfound freedom and also give you an opportunity to reinvent yourself.  To truly complete the festivities you can even purchase divorce announcements and party supplies that let the world know you are back on the market!

But what if your divorce was amicable and you are planning on remaining friends with your ex?  You should co-host a divorce party with what used to be your other half.  A joint event could really help you jump past any social awkwardness so that you may land firmly in the friend zone.  Throwing the party together is a great way to show all of your friends that they don't have to pick sides and that your ex's name isn't considered an obscenity in your book.  Instead of harboring animosity and resentment you can both embrace friendship while starting over with all of your friends and loved ones!

Remember, whether you are throwing a single and ready to mingle divorce party or an event to announce your friendly split, entertainment is always the key to a great event.  Maybe you could hire a fortune teller to reveal the future of your love life, or a temporary tattoo artist so that you can see a not so permanent version of that tattoo you always wanted (and your ex would hate).  Or you may decide to simply go with a cover band to play your favorite tunes. And, throw an instagram-worthy theme party with ideas from The Bash!  Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that celebrates your new beginning! Have you attended or hosted a divorce party?  If you're a wedding professional would you consider expanding your services to cover this kind of event? Let us know in the comments.