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DIY Post-Wedding Flowers

Marta Block


Special to GigMasters from Ellen Bowman of Save Your Wedding Flowers

Brides are looking for ways to save money by cutting corners here, there and where ever possible! One of the biggest costs of a beautiful wedding is the floral arrangements. Bouquets, church and reception flowers can eat up a huge portion of the wedding budget.

Whether the bride has her floral arrangements done professionally or undertakes the task herself…after all is said and done... all these special flowers must be disposed of after the ceremony. They are usually donated to nursing homes, churches, given away, or worse yet… just thrown away!

But wait….here’s a better idea. Recycle those special one of a kind arrangements! Turn them into keepsakes, gifts and home décor! Brides can KEEP not only their bouquets but also Mom's corsage, reception and venue flowers FOREVER!! Not a penny will be wasted!

You begin by preserving and drying any or all the flowers. A simple Google search will give you all the information you need to dry and preserve all kinds of flowers. After the flowers are dried… store them in a plastic container until you can start making your projects.

dried flowers in gallery frames

For information, tips and ideas please visit www.saveyourweddingflowers.com.

Don't forget, if you have flower arrangments, bouquets, corsages, or boutonnierres, worth saving make sure to enter our Love in Bloom contest!