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DO Wedding Blogs Suck?

Marta Block


Usually on Fridays we take a tour through the wedding world to find great pictures. But this week, I went looking for interesting opinions. The wedding world is fairly small and certain things reverberate around it. Earlier this week Hindsight Bride published a letter from an anonymous photographer. The title of the letter was "Dear Wedding Bloggers, You Suck!" and as you might expect, a lot of bloggers had a lot of opinions about it. So many in fact that it actually crashed Hindsight's site for part of the day.

You can read the original letter and the over 200 comments about it here. The central point was that bloggers all feature gorgeous weddings that are unattainable either because of craftiness or money. The writer complained that these blogs make the ordinary bride feel insecure and that blogs should feature all sorts of weddings, even boring ones.

On the Weddingbee comment board, brides chimed in with their opinion that yes indeed, us bloggers suck, but for some reason they can't help but keep looking. 

Except for posting comments in the comment section most bloggers have not yet had a chance to reply. But Love My Dress, a UK blog responds in great detail! She also includes some amazing pictures (like the one above) showing that as far as she's concerned, every bride is beautiful.

On "A Man to Fish" photographer Todd Reichman presents a different point of view, which is that photographers should stop worrying so much about the blogs!

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What do you think? Does the letter writer have a point? Share your thoughts in the comments.