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10 Downloadable Ecards for Virtual Parties and Celebrations

Let loved ones know you're thinking about them with an ecard.

Lauren Miolene


Photo credit: Tanya Trukyr on Unsplash

Celebrating life’s special moments is as important as ever while we continue to social distance and slow the spread of COVID-19. If you’re looking to let your friends and family members know that you are thinking about them, you can send one of these 10 downloadable ecards. Not only is it a thoughtful gesture, but with these ecards it’s easy, and free!  

Here are 10 downloadable ecards to help celebrate milestone events and virtual parties with your friends and family members while stuck at home. 

Happy Hour


Weekly traditions can still be honored by hosting a virtual happy hour! Stay in close contact with coworkers and friends during quarantine by sending out this ecard along with your virtual party details and a customized video chat link. 

For cocktail inspiration or to send along with the invite, check out our 9 Instagram-Worthy Quarantini Recipes! Your office will thank you.

Wedding Date


With the recent laws to practice safe social distancing and to avoid large groups of people, most couples have decided to postpone their wedding or celebrate virtually. This can be a very emotional time for the pair. Let them know that love is not canceled by sharing a positive message with them. 

If the couple opted to host their nuptials virtually, this ecard can be shared with them as well.

Oh Baby


For your friend or family member who welcomed a new little one—let them know you are thinking of them and their new bundle of joy! This ecard can also be shared for baby showers, gender reveals, baby announcements, or any baby-related virtual event.

Happy Virtual Birthday


If you’re not having a virtual birthday party, did you even celebrate? Share this birthday ecard with the guest of honor for their special day! Pro Tip: Post on social media and tag the guest of honor, they’ll love the extra wishes from all viewers.

Happy Birthday (Funny)


No birthday party is complete without cake! Unfortunately, while we continue to quarantine and social distance, the host might have to bake their own birthday cake for the virtual party. Share this ecard, have them light a candle to make a wish, and don’t forget to sing happy birthday!

Happy Birthday (Adult)


For those 21+, who are celebrating virtually—this ecard is for them! No special birthday wish is complete without a twist and on the rocks! 



Anniversaries are all about being together; which may seem difficult to celebrate while in quarantine. This ecard can be shared with a couple who’s celebrating an anniversary or sent to your significant other. 

If you’re celebrating with your partner, this year may not be what you originally had in mind, but will be special nonetheless. Remember your big day, pop some champagne, and celebrate love amidst all of the chaos. If it’s your first anniversary, here are some ideas on how to celebrate at home

Get Well Soon


Whether you know someone who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, recently had surgery, or is just not feeling like themselves these days, send positive words to them during this time—they’ll appreciate you thinking of them. 



Weddings may be postponed for the time being, but engagements sure aren’t! If you know any newly engaged couples, they would love to share their news and hear from you. Pass along this ecard to keep them thinking positively for the future. (Sending a bottle of champagne wouldn’t hurt either!).

Movie Night


If you are having a virtual movie night, use this ecard as an official invite for your guests. Invitations are way more fun than just a general email or text. Don’t forget to include the Zoom or Google Hangout link and a movie start time! 

How to Download and Share

From a smartphone, right click or press down on the image and save to your camera roll. From a laptop or desktop computer, you’ll need to right click and save. Upload the ecard to an email or text message to send to individual people or share in social media posts and stories while tagging @TheBash. Ecards can even be printed out and sent in the mail!

Thanks to the internet, there are countless ways to stay connected with loved ones. Ecards add more of a personalized touch when sending your well wishes to others. Your friends and family will be delighted and surprised when you send a free ecard and show you’re thinking of them during these times.

Published on 4/27/2020