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Finding Gay Friendly Wedding Vendors

Marta Block


Although all couples worry about finding the perfect wedding vendors, gay couples have a unique challenge. Although most people in the wedding business believe that "love is love" and are more than happy to serve any couple, you do hear stories about wedding vendors refusing to help gay couples. Many gay couples also prefer to work with vendors who have experience with gay weddings to help navigate some of the issues unique to a gay wedding.

If you're looking for wedding vendors and want to make sure they're friendly to, and experienced with, gay weddings here are some things to look for. If you're a wedding vendor who wants to attract a gay clientele, keep in mind that potential clients may be looking for these things:

1. Gay Friendly/Gender Neutral Language

Is the language on the vendor's all directed to brides or does it indicate that sometimes the people planning a wedding may both be men? Keep in mind that it can be very difficult to write a gender-neutral, grammatically correct, nice-sounding sentence, so don't pay too much attention to the details, but if every sentence is about the bride and groom and the bride's special day, this may not be the vendor for you.

2. Gay Friendly Language

More important than whether the vendor says "he" or "she" is if the vendor explicitly mentions gay weddings and commitment ceremonies in the materials.

3. Photos

Top wedding vendors have some sort of portfolio, online or in print. Look for photos of couples that make you feel comfortable that the vendor can perform the kind of wedding you want.

4. Referrals and Reviews

Any time you're looking for wedding vendors referrals and reviews from other couples are your best place to start. Ask your friends and family for their suggestions and look for reviews from clients on websites. GigMasters only allows verified clients of an entertainer or vendor to leave a review, so you know they're trustworthy.

Gay or straight, what are your biggest concerns about finding a wedding vendor? Share your thoughts in the comments below.