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Helping Your DJ Create A Memorable Event

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


What can you do to ensure the success of your event? Hiring the right DJ is the key. The right DJ takes responsibility for your event’s success and will gladly work with you to create a fun and unique reception that is tailored to you and your needs. (GigMasters has some tips on how to choose your DJ). The following tips (from some of our own GigMasters DJs) will help you work with your DJ to put together an event to remember:

Have a plan. One of the best investments you can make is to set up an appointment with your DJ in advance and prepare a timeline for your event. Your DJ should help you decide on a logical order for everything which will help determine the best flow for the event. The timeline you create should include - any formal segments of the event, any meals being served, toasts or speeches, times for dancing, etc. The timeline allows everyone involved to know what to expect at any given time and to have everything accounted for throughout the party.

Prepare a script. While many comedians can perform without a script, this usually doesn’t work well for a DJ during an event. If your DJ will be making any type of announcements, a well-written script will do wonders. As with the timeline, this script should be prepared well in advance of your event so your DJ can rehearse with it and work through any unique name pronunciations. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be mandatory (and it is never desirable) for your DJ to quote verbatim from the script. Some things look good on paper but can sound stiff and unnatural when spoken. The script should just be used as a guide to ensure nothing is overlooked or left to chance.

Get your music. If you want to hear any particular songs during your event, make sure your DJ knows about it and has it in their library (or you can provide the music for them well in advance). This allows the DJ to add it to their playlist and confirm that everything is compatible with their music system. Remember, this also applies to any other performers that will need pre-recorded music played during your event through the DJ. In addition, you should also provide a list of songs or genres you want and don’t want to hear.

Coordinate. If you have other vendors working at your event (such as photographers, videographers, event planners, etc.), your DJ should work with them to make sure they are familiar with your timeline. Communication between vendors will help everyone avoid any potential scheduling conflicts. It’s always a good idea for your vendors to keep everyone in the loop of any special activities they may be planning. Coordination is crucial. You don’t want your DJ to make any announcements to your guests before everyone involved is ready.

Have fun! Once all the preparation is done, trust your DJ to use the timeline, script and music selections to put together an event that will flow smoothly and entertain your guests from start to finish. Having trust in your DJ will allow you to enjoy yourself and have a great time!

What other tips do you have for working with the DJ to ensure event success? Share your advice in the comments below.