How to Mix Cocktails and Kids – A Great Bar Appeals to Guests of All Ages

Katherine Lee


Think kids parties and bartenders don’t mix? Think again! When throwing a party where kids will be a part of the mix, hiring a bartender can be a huge help. They can act as entertainer, an extra pair of hands, and even a stealthy assistant who can help you watch over guests’ welfare.

 Bartender Basics

Hire a bartender who has lots of experience and solid references. Search GigMasters to hire a high-quality bartender that can meet your needs.

Discuss roles and expected responsibilities with your bartender before the party. Give specific instructions on what you expect and how you want him or her to handle any problems or questions that may come up during the course of the party.

Remember: A bartender isn’t someone who just pours drinks; they can be an invaluable asset to your celebration. When you serve alcohol at a party, it’s easy to lose track of which guest has had a bit too much to drink. A bartender can not only help you by freeing you of beverage duty, he or she can keep tabs on who’s had what.

Work with your bartender to make sure you successfully mix kids and cocktails at your next party.


Mix Up Some Mocktails
Mocktails today aren’t just about Shirley Temples anymore. From fizzy raspberry lemonade to virgin sangrias (juice with cut-up fruit), the mocktails you and your bartender come up with will be a hit with kids who will feel all grown up as they order drinks from the bar. And these drinks aren’t just for kids—many grownups who drink little or no alcohol or any pregnant guests will certainly appreciate them, too.


Bartender or Bouncer?
Just as bartenders keep an eye out for customers who may imbibe too much at a bar, ask your bartender to watch for party guests who keep coming up to the bar for refills on alcoholic drinks. Agree beforehand how to handle such situations - they can sublty begin steering them toward non-alcoholic drinks, let you know with a signal, and so on.

An Extra Pair of Eyes
While he’s at it, ask him to try to keep an eye out for unruly guests, just as a bartender might do at a bar. When you have adults and alcohol, it’s important to make sure the adults act responsibly and keep in mind the safety of the kids. For example, if a parent gets tipsy and begins bouncing around in the bounce house where little kids are playing, you want to put a stop to that as soon as possible. Similarly, if adults are too busy drinking and socializing to keep an eye on kids in a pool, for example, the bartender should alert you as soon as possible.

Driver Danger
Ask your bartender to help you keep an eye out for inebriated parents who may try to get behind the wheel after the party. As host, it is your responsibility to watch for tipsy guests who try to drive after the party – especially if they try to drive with their kids! Your bartender can be a valuable source of information as you assess the sobriety of your guests.

Have you used a bartender at a family or kid-friendly event? Are you a bartender who has worked at this kind of event?
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