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Kids Party Tip #6: Ideal Number of Party Guests



The golden rule when inviting guests for kids’ parties is the age your child is turning plus one more.  So, if your child is turning 5, invite 6 guests to keep your party a manageable size.  Often this rule goes out the window when your child is school-aged and the school has rules about inviting all classmates to the party.

If you are planning on hiring entertainment for your party, make sure to ask your entertainer, "What is the ideal number of guests for which you are comfortable performing?" Depending on his or her answer, this may change the number of invited guests. Alternatively, if you send out your invitations first and then decide on entertainment, make sure to ask this same question to determine if the entertainer is right for the party you are having. Make sure to keep in mind your budget (more guests = more plates, food, goody bags), the size of your house or venue, and safety issues. No two kids are alike and while one group of seven six year olds may play nicely, another group may require an additional adult or space.

Do you agree with the one plus age rule for a kids' guest list? Let us know in the comment section.