Kids Party Tip: Age Appropriate Entertainment

Marta Block


Not every party for kids has professional entertainment. Sometimes parents choose to hire an entertainer because of a child's interest or special request, a beloved costumed character for example. Sometimes the entertainment is a natural outcome of a theme, a clown for a circus theme for example. But sometimes the decision to hire entertainment is just a matter of trying to make sure the party has some activity. How can you make sure your entertainment is age appropriate? We have some thoughts!

Costumed Characters
Many young children are terrified of costumed characters, especially if those characters have oversized fake heads. If you've never seen your child in close proximity to a character like this, don't make his or her birthday a test case. Princesses and Super Heroes with clearly visible facial features are the best bets at young ages (0-3). Kids over the age of 4 will probably be aware that the character is not the "real" person, so make sure the character you hire has an act that will engage even the most cynical child.

Magicians can be a great choice for a party with a variety of age groups. But unless the magician is experienced in working with very young children, four or five is probably the youngest age for which you want to hire one.

Face Painters and Balloon Twisters
Face painters and balloon twisters generally work best for kids ages 10 and under. If the majority of the children are older than that, you'll want to make sure that the artist has some special talents or tricks that the kids haven't seen before. A better fit for older children would be a caricature artist.

DJs,  Bands and Singers 
Kids of all ages love music! Just make sure the DJ or musician knows what age you're expecting at the party.