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Kids Party Tip: Beware of Pinterest Traps

Marta Block


We love Pinterest. Our boards have really allowed us to reach new clients and find great new party ideas. But, when it comes to planning kids' parties, we've noticed a few big drawbacks when it comes to using Pinterest. The first drawback is that Pinterest is, to put it mildly, a time suck. There are so many great ideas, so many beautiful images. There are always more boards to look at and new people and companies to discover. You could spend weeks planning the perfect party, and forget to actually plan your party. To prevent falling in to the Pinterest time suck, set either a daily limit, or a calendar limit (I'll stop researching by Monday). Similarly, Pinterest can be a little depressing. A lot of the ideas on there are done by professionals, or by people with way too much time on their hands. You may think your idea is perfect and charming, only to find that someone else has done it and done it much better than you can.

Trying to avoid the impulse to "Keep up with the Joneses" is hard enough in real life, on Pinterest, where you don't see the work behind an idea, it's even harder. To prevent falling in to this Pinterest trap, keep reminding yourself that the ideas there are meant for inspiration, not copying. The third drawback has to do with the social nature of Pinterest. If you like to keep things under wraps and surprise your guests, or you have negative friends who like to comment, Pinterest can ruin your plans. You can however, make boards private so no one else can see them. You can also do a little distraction by pinning a large variety of ideas and keeping the ones you plan on following to yourself. Enjoy your party planning, and don't forget to Follow our boards on Pinterest for great ideas for all sorts of parties.