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Kids Party Tip: Involving Dad

Marta Block


With Father's Day approaching we've been thinking a lot about dads and parties. There's no reason dads can't be the party planners for kids' parties, but the truth is they usually aren't. Moms tend to run the social calendars and make the party plans. If you're looking for a way to get the dad in your life more involved in planning parties for the kids in your life, here are some tips. If you're really serious about involving Dad, you need to involve him. Don't just inform him of the party theme, date, and time, ask his opinions. Find out if the weekend you have in mind is good for him or is in the middle of a huge work project. Ask his opinions and actually listen to his answers. If you're the primary caretaker in your family you may be surprised that Dad knows a different side of the kids and has different ideas.

Ask him what task he'd like to take on. Is he artistic? Maybe he could make invitations, decorations or other party needed items. I know one dad who built a pirate ship for his kids' pirate-themed party. Does he love music? Maybe he could use GigMasters to find a band, or put together a mixed CD to serve as a party favor. Get him involved in the party activities, dads are often more willing to rough house and run around with kids. Let him plan games that he likes and carry them out at the party. If Dad takes on certain pre-party tasks, let him carry them out without nagging and reminding. As with all parenting things, both parents might not do things the same way or on the same timeline, but that doesn't mean one person is right or wrong.

How involved is your kids' dad in party planning? Share your thoughts in the comments below.