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Kids Party Tip: Kids Parties & Books

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


This week's featured real event of a Les Miserables party got me thinking about how you could include children's books in kids' parties. Obviously, theme parties like Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss and Twilight are popular but are there other, more involved ways of including literature in your kids' party?

Quiet reading time doesn't sound like a great party activity, but what about hiring a storyteller or puppet show for the party? Having adults get in to the spirit and dress as characters from the book of choice is a great way to show young guests that books can be just as involving and fun as movies and TV.

Serving foods eaten in the book or named after the book can be a great way to tie a theme together. If your child's favorite book doesn't have ready made merchandise, creative food naming is a great way to create the theme from scratch.

As we've discussed before, books can be a surprisingly affordable party favor, especially if ordered in bulk. Another way to solve the gift/party favor dilemma is to combine them. Ask guests to bring a wrapped book instead of a present to the party. Play a round of "hot potato" with the books, only whoever has the book when the music stops gets to keep that one. Kids can trade after the party if they get a book they already have.

What other ways have you worked children's books in to parties?