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Kids Party Tip: Watching Your Weight

Marta Block


If you live with kids you've probably fallen prey to the most difficult diet trap, eating your kids' leftovers. There you are, watching what you eat all day and before you know it a few forlorn french fries have made their way in to your mouth. The problem can be even worse around your child's birthday when you're not only making or getting a delicious birthday cake but other family favorites as well, and possibly having more than one party. The first step is to make a plan. Don't try and prevent yourself from doing any snacking at a party, but decide ahead of time what you will splurge on and what you will skip. Since you're the host you can  make sure to stock the table not only with the expected foods but with healthful options as well. There are a lot of cute ways  to do this that won't change to look of your party at all. For example, this cute porcupine!

watermelon porcupine

Plan activities that take the focus of the party away from food. Entertainment and games will keep little hands busy and yours as well. Skip the piñata or load it up with pencils, erasers and other cute toys instead of candy you'll be tempted to scoop up. Keep the goody bags candy free. There's no worse time for snacking than late at night doing a mindless task like stuffing goody bags. As a bonus, most parents will thank you. When cake time is over, take the leftover cake away and divide some of it in to wrapped pieces for guests to take home for siblings. Parents are much more likely to accept a piece of cake to go if they don't have to wait for you to wrap it. The less cake left in your house, the less cake you yourself will eat. Finally, keep in mind the lessons you would like to teach your own child about nutrition and diet. Be kind to yourself and don't worry, there's always tomorrow.